Naamkaran Written Episode 12 September 2017, Namkaran Written Update

Star Plus serial Naamkaran Written Update 12th September 2017, Naamkaran 12 September 2017 Episode Full Written Update

Today’s (12.09.2017) Naamkaran episode starts with Avni is unconscious.Neil tells her to open her eyes. He makes Avni drink water. She regains her senses and points towards a dead body. Neil gets shocked. Balu looks on as DD puts Avni in a van. Neil checks the driving license of the dead person and is shocked to find out it is Ali.

Avni comes to Neil and says that they have killed her Ali. Juhi cries and washes her face and Dayawanti tells her that she will soon get used to seeing blood. Dayawanti reminds Juhi that she has to get Avni in her place. Ali’s dead body is taken away. Neil coaxes Avni to tell her how she reached here. Avni says that she saw a mandir behind Ali’s video and searched for the place. Avni says that she found Ali’s dead body while driving.

Flashback shows that Ali fell towards Avni’s car while she was driving. Neil assures that he will find out about Ali’s death. Neil tells DD that Ali’s death is connected to Raghu Pandit. Neil asks DD to get Ali’s post mortem done. Doctor says the body cannot be identified and therefore they need to test Ali’s DNA samples. Neil thinks he will not spare the ones who have killed Ali. Bebe says she cannot do the visarjan and is very sad.

Avni says that they have to do it for Ali’s sake. Flashback shows little Avni and little Ali celebrating Ganesh festival in their childhood. Flashback ends. Avni hopes to get Ali back and tells Bebe to do the visarjan. Juhi cleans the blood from the floor and says that their plan has succeeded as she has convinced Dayawanti that she will get Avni in her place. Juhi is talking to Ali and Ali thanks her for helping him and Avni.  Juhi says she will tell Avni about the danger ahead of her. Neil and his family do the visarjan of Lord Ganesh. Neil thinks that he cannot stop Avni’s pain. Dayawanti tells Juhi that she has to get Avni. Juhi says that she will meet Avni at the big Dargah and no one will know that Avni has gone missing. Avni thinks about her past moments with Ali. DD apologizes to Avni for not opening her handcuff. Avni says she got late to save Ali. Neil sees his and Avni’s wedding pictures and thinks that he was scared that he had lost Avni forever. Neil thinks that he will not delay anymore and Avni has to say what is in her heart. Neil thinks he has a lot to tell Avni. Avni comes looking for Neil in his room but cannot find him anywhere. Shweta is holding Neil and Juhi’s picture. Avni asks her where is Neil. Shweta tells Avni that Ali has gone away from her life and she is a bad omen as no one stays in her life. Shweta says that Neil is also in constant danger because of her. Shweta says that Neil was very happy when Juhi was in his life. Shweta says that she is a bad omen in Neil’s life. Neil sees the ring which he had got for Avni and wanted to give it to Avni when she would reveal her feelings for him. Neil thinks he wants to tell everything to Avni about his love. Shweta tells Avni that Neil still loves Juhi. Avni cries. Shweta drops the picture and Avni picks it up and is shocked to see Neil and Juhi’s picture. Avni sees the picture and says Meher. Avni thinks Juhi is alive and remembers meeting her.


Avni runs after Meher in the Dargah. Neil asks Avni why she has come here. Avni calls out to Juhi and she stops and Neil looks at Juhi.

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