Naamkaran Written Update 01 October 2016, Namkaran Written Episode

Star Plus serial Naamkaran Written Episode 01.10.016

The episode starts with Ashish telling Dayaben that they will get late for Avni’s school. She asks him to come, when we made new start in this city, we started our life at this place. Avni asks about Ashish. Asha says he will be on the way, he called from airport. Avni asks her to come. Dayaben says I come here before starting any good work. He says we have to hurry, else we will get late for Avni’s race. She says we will reach where we have to, on time. He says you don’t know Avni’s anger, she is like you. She recalls Avmi and gets angry.

Avni says I had pasted Ashish’s name on this chair, so that he comes, sits here and sees me. Asha says its okay, he will come and sit on this chair. Avni says Papa should have come by now. Asha says he will come, go and focus on your race. Hasmukh
asks Ketan why is Maa taking much time. Ketan says don’t know, she said she will receive Ashish from airport and come. Hasmukh says even then its late.

Dayaben greets pandit. Hasmukh calls Ashish and he does not answer. Hasmukh says Ashish, you got trapped, now even Lord can’t save you from Maa. Asha signs to Avni. Dayaben and Ashish pray. Ashish says shall we leave now. Ali says Avni, your Papa will come. Kia jokes on Avni. Ali scolds Avni. Dayaben asks Ashish does he remember anything. He says yes, we have spent lots of nights in this temple. She asks how did you go too far then. He says sorry. She says don’t apologize, solve my problem. He asks what problem. She says promise me first. He says yes, promise, tell me. She asks sure, and makes him promise over Lord. He says yes sure, tell me.

She says I came here in this temple by reading your email and sat here all night, I asked Maa why did Ashish leave me, what was my mistake, Maa answered Daya, loan can be cleared, not a favour. He asks what loan. She says when I came in this city, you and Ketan were little, and many men used to stare at me, I was saving my respect by covering torn clothes, they would have ruined me, one tried to do so one night.

Ashish worries. She says I broke his head and he has run away, then no one dared, else you all children would have got orphan that night, my Maa saved me, she has sent Hemant Bhai to save me, if that day Hemant did not give me money by trusting me, I would have not opened the textile shop. He says yes, you paid back all money. She says yes, we returned money and now we will return favour, tell me how. He says as you say. She says by marrying Neela, engagement will happen today. He gets shocked and says what are you saying, I have to go on Avni’s sports day. She says no, that will happen later, Hemant is suffering from brain cancer, this is his last wish, he would be alive for maximum one year, Neela does not know this and should not know this. He asks why, do you want me to marry Neela and hide from Asha. She says yes. He says this will be cheat. She asks why did you cheat me since 11 years by hiding your son. He says calm down, everyone is seeing. She says let them see. She scolds people for staring. He says please don’t call my love as sin. She asks why did you hide this sin then, truth should not be hidden, hide this lie, will you teach me what is a lie, if you want to keep my words, you have to marry Neela, I got ashamed by your lie, I got you to temple to take your promise, I m ashamed to call you my son. He cries.

She says I m asking this for Hemant, he is a Devpurush, cheat Asha and Avni, Lord gave you chance again to pay for Hemant’s favors, else you will upset me, you will get sin. He recalls talking to Asha and Avni. He cries and holds Dayaben’s hands. She says not by tears, say by tongue, will you marry Neela. He says I will do as you say. She hugs him. They cry. She consoles him and says I can’t see your tears, you know this. He cries.

Avni sees Kia with her mum and dad. Her dad gets a call and says I can’t come to office, its my daughter’s sports day. Kia hugs her dad. Ali acts strange and Avni asks what are you doing. Ali says there is good news, your Papa will come before race starts. Kia says he won’t come, and jokes he has come. Avni asks where. Kia says I have worn red goggles and seen Mr. India. Ali gets angry. Avni says don’t say anything, come Ali. Ali calls Kia a lizard. Kia asks Avni to be ready to lose.

Fatima asks Asha why is Avni upset. Asha says she asked Ashish to come. Fatima says call him, I will talk, don’t know what you see in him, what will you answer Avni if he does not come. Tai’s husband Ashok agrees with Fatima. Sumi asks Asha not to worry, you know Ashok’s nature, Ashish will come. Avni recalls Ashish. She says where are you Papa…… and cries.

Ashish is getting engaged to Neela. He gets sad. Neela sits for the engagement, while Avni is waiting for him.

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