Ishq Subhan Allah 31 October 2018 Written Update, Written Episode

Zee TV Ishq Subhan Allah 31st October 2018 Written Episode, Ishq Subhan Allah Written Update

Today’s (31.10.2018) Ishq Subhan Allah episode starts with Zeenat tells Ruksar that Ayesha has accepted her as her daughter in law and Shabaz too wants to announce in Lucknow that you are Kabir’s wife, i will tell kabir to give you all the rights of wife, but for once call me Bajjo, ruksar does not react while Kabir and Zara see Zeenat in tears. Kabir assures Zeenat soon he will return Ruksar back.

Kabir takes Ruksar to room and try to recollect her about his and her childhood memories, Zara overhears this as she holds lunch for her, Kabir takes the plate from her and tells Ruksar to eat once with his hands, Zara come and says you have not made me eat food, how come you are making her eat. kabir tells Zara to go, if she cannot see this.

Zara sees kabir giving a rose to to Ruksar as he says Ruksar to at least eat a bite of food, zara is unhappy and upset. He gives her  promise of her love for him as he forces her to take a bite. He tells Zara to turn other side so Ruksar can eat, he says Ruksar if you take a bite i will kiss on your foreheead, Zara us very upset, he makes her eat while Zara is seeing this, she stops Kabir and takes Ruksar away from him, Kabir says why did you agree to all of this, she says i told you i cannot share ou love, Zara says i will throw this Ruksar out of the house, i can’t it it anymore.

Zara drags Ruksar out of the house as Kabir stops her, he tells her she is in come, Zara says she tried to kill us both, we gave her sympathy as she is Zeenat’s sister, everyone comes, Zeenat tells her how can you throw her when she is coma, Zara says you sister ruining your name, she has to be out of this house, Kabir says i will not allow this as she is my wife, zara is shocked, Kabir says how can you take this decision, he says did you ask me or my  father, she is my wife and my responsibility, you cannot do wrong to her. He says Ruksar is our life from childhood, she is in coma because of her crazy love for me and how can you take decision to throw her out. He says i love… stops and says i love her. he says i didn’t wnat to say this in front of everyone, but she has made a place in my heart. update in progress.

Alina tells everyone that i just saw Ruksar blinked her eyes, Kabir tells Ruksar do it once for me to, Ayesha says Alina you would have mistaken, Zeenat also tell Ruksar to blink once. Ruksar does not respond. Everyone requests her.

Kabir tells Alina to take Ruksar to her room, Zara is happy, kabir says we can check in the camera if Ruksar blinked. Zara says we were doing drama, and it is all recorded. Kabir says lets see CCTV footage. The footage confirms that Ruksar had blinked, Kabir is happy their planned worked. Shabaz says what is next move, Kabir says Nikah, he says Ruksar’s biggest dream was marrying me, when she has to marry me, she has to utter Qubool hai, this will bring her out of coma.


It is Kabir and Ruksar’s fake Nikah, Kabir tells Ruksar to say Qubool Hai once n he will accept her s wife, Zara is tensed.

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