Nimki Mukhiya latest news: Babbu goes against Anaro to support Nimki

Star Bharat serial Nimki Mukhiya upcoming story

In the ongoing track of Star Bharat show Nimki Mukhiya we have seen that Nimki (Bhumika Gurung) and Babbu (Abhishek Sharma) have come back to the haveli. She wants to teach a lesson to haveli people and gets a big support from Babbu Singh.

Tetar and Anaro are upset that Babbu is supporting Nimki and want him to throw Nimki out of the house. Babbu has reformed into a better person after seeking forgiveness from Nimki. Rituraj instigates Sweety against Nimki as he thinks that Nimki has come home for a big motive and tells her to find out what is Nimki planning to do.

Nimki makes a plan to trouble Haveli people. Babbu and Nimki perform dance on a romantic song. Everyone is shocked to see them together. Later, Nimki gets sick and Babbu takes care of her. He tells her to go home and meet her family. Mahua hates Nimki and doesn’t want to think of her. Nimki misses her family and remains sad. Babbu is ready to tolerate his family’s taunts. Sweety overhears their talk and realizes that Nimki is keeping a lie. She wonders why is Nimki ignoring her siblings. Sweety meets Abhimanyu and wants to know the truth of Nimki and Babbu’s relation.

Further, Nimki has lunch with Babbu’s family. Tetar tells her to eat food separately. Anaro stops Nimki from eating. Nimki gets fearless like before. Babbu stops Anaro from insulting Nimki. He tells his parents that Nimki is also family and she will dine with them. Tetar and Anaro are shocked to see a big change in Babbu.

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