Nimki Mukhiya Update – Villagers get angry with their Mukhiya

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Here’s what will happen in the upcoming episodes of Nimki Mukhiya.

Nimki falls in trouble when the people get angry on the Mukhiya. The people ask Nimki to give them an answer. She becomes the target of angry crowd when the poisonous medicines have sickened the villagers. Nahar Singh gets a chance to turn the tables against Nimki. Nahar instigates the people against Tetar Singh and his bahu Nimki. The people protest and get angry on Nimki. They start hurting Nimki. Abhimanyu tries to save her.

Babbu makes a heroic entry. He fires in the air and stops everyone. He saves Nimki. He gets angry on Nahar Singh. He warns him to leave with his goons, else he won’t survive to get justice for anyone.

He vents out anger on the people and asks them to protest against his dad now. Abhimanyu asks Babbu to stop his madness, else he will call police. Babbu holds Nimki’s hand.

She feels lucky that Babbu has come to save her. She starts imagining in the tensed situation. Babbu tells Abhimanyu that he isn’t scared of anyone, he has shot in air to calm the angry crowd. He asks Nahar Singh to stop his politics and not target his wife. He tells them that he won’t waste any bullet now. He catches Nahar’s man to shoot. Abhimanyu tries to get the situation in control. Babbu’s heroism impresses Nimki. Nimki wishes Babbu accepts her soon.

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