Pardes Mein Hai Mera Dil – Dadi to get a heart attack

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In the ongoing track of Star Plus serial Pardes Mein Hai Mera Dil, we have seen that Sanjana (Aditi Gupta) has faked her pregnancy in order to marry Veer (Laksh Lalwani).

Veer and Sanjana want have eyes on Dadi’d property that Veer is entitled to and hence come up with this plan so that emotionally fool Dadi who was upset with Veer being irresponsible person.

Naina is aware that Sanjana is not pregnant and wants to expose her in front of Dadi. However, so far she is unable to do so.

Soon, in the upcoming episodes, it will be seen that Dadi (Surekha Sikri) will find out about Sanjana’s fake pregnancy and she will reveal about it to the family. The family however, won’t believe on her and instead start abusing her. Eventually, Dadi will faint and get heart attack.

What will happen next? Will Dadi survive the heart attack? We all know that Veer and his family do not care much about Dadi and are only interested in the property.

Lots of twists and turns in store for the viewers. Keep reading this space for more updates of PMHMD!

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