Pardes Mein Hai Mera Dil Written Episode 10 March 2017 PMHMD Written Update

Star Plus serial Pardes Mein Hai Dil 10th March 2017 Written Update PMHM 10.03.2017 Written Episode

Today’s Pardes Mein Hai Mera Dil 10 March 2017 episode starts with Naina seeing the pendrive in Raghav’s hand. Armaan smiles and leaves. Pandey says Naina has spoiled the painting. Raghav keeps pendrive in his pocket. Naina acts to faint and holds Raghav. He asks Pandey to get water. Naina takes pendrive from Raghav’s pocket. Raghav sprinkles water on her. She asks where am I, sorry. Raghav asks Pandey to go and work, Naina needs rest. He takes Naina to his room and shuts door. She asks what are you doing.

He says how would I take what I want. She asks what do you mean. He says I did not know you learnt new talent, you were liar and cheater, you became clever thief now. She says I did not steal anything. He asks really, did USB go missing on its own, I m giving you one chance, return that USB to me else…. I know how to take it. She says try anything, its last chance for my friend to get justice. He counts down.

She says I don’t care. He lifts her down and usb falls down from her clothes. He says I know to get my thing. He goes. She says I will not let you do this, dog, Sadu. She goes.

He says Naina turns sweet, but everything knows she is so bad, I don’t care for her krantikari talks, I get what I want, this time it was about Ira’s respect, I would be ready to do anything to save Dadi’s granddaughter’s respect, I will teach a lesson to Armaan, Naina will help me in this, she likes to interfere in other’s matter, I give you a chance. He calls Akshay and asks him to give accident’s video recording to Naina.

Armaan and Veer come to hotel room. Khurana asks Armaan from where is he coming, its easy to leave from hotel. He asks Veer to be quiet. Armaan says Khurana jokes a lot. Khurana asks where were you. Armaan says I went to chill at hill station. Khurana asks did you give your tension to me and mum. He asks Veer to leave. Armaan asks Veer to go, I will meet you later. Veer goes.

Khurana says Armaan, you have grown up, you should know people. Veer is a mean man, he is worse than a snake, he bites the hand which feeds him, don’t trust him, be careful, you are coming office today right. Armaan says yes. Khurana goes. Armaan says who should explain you, Veer and I are same, we can’t be true to anyone.

Naina is on the way and tries to get auto. Parth sees her and stops the car. She says I was going office by walk in this weather. He jokes and asks her to sit in car. She thanks him. They leave. He says your sense of humor is good. She says I cook well and can become good friend. He says yes, your boyfriend will be lucky to get a girlfriend like you, sorry I should not ask personal questions, don’t feel bad. She says its okay, I know your intention was not such. He says I think I got this habit from my mum, she asks any unmarried girl the same. She laughs.

She gets a call and asks what, why do you want to meet me, fine, I will meet you. He asks is everything fine. She asks him to drop her at the street’s corner.

Parth drops her. She thanks her. He says sorry for my stupid question, I can give you a coffee treat. She says done, we will meet. She gets down his car and goes. Parth sees his mum looking at them and worries. She asks is she Naina Batra. He says yes, do you know her. Armaan and Veer drink.

Veer asks Armaan why did you not tell Khurana about Naina and Raghav. Armaan says everyone is scared of Khurana, like Raghav controls your home, so I have to act to respect Khurana, I made Ira’s Mms to secure my future, I knew I will need to blackmail Raghav some day, Raghav did not think and named shares to me, now I have something to my name.
Naina asks Akshay how did you change your decision now, why did you call me now. He says I lost my sleep by hearing your taunts, I called you to give you proof. He gives the usb and says I recorded the accident in my camera. She says what, no need to explain, I m sure Raghav paid you for this. He says I will not give any statement in front of police, do anything of this footage, but please keep me out of this. She promises him. She thinks how will Raghav save Armaan now.

Raghav does charity. He taunts Pam. Pam says I wanted to do charity for mummy ji. Raghav asks her to ask money from Balraj. Sudha laughs. She lies that she went to temple to pray for Dadi. Raghav taunts her. Pandit asks him to do holika dahan puja. Pandit tells about holika dahan, which ends all evil and makes house pure. Raghav says I m waiting for the same thing, when my house becomes pure. He burns holika and prays that Armaan gets punished, Ira knows his truth and Armaan leaves from her life forever.

Police comes to arrest Armaan. Armaan asks what, I did not do anything. Inspector says we got video, we have proof against you. Raghav says pandit said right, all badness ends by holika dahan, goodness won over evil. Armaan says this is not over. Raghav says its over. Armaan is taken away. Ira cries and blames Raghav. Raghav wishes them happy holi and goes.

Raghav visits the temple and says Dadi used to think of this temple, I could not get you here and just have your diary, its so peaceful. I wish you were with me here. Naina comes there and says I wish Dadi was with me, I m happy coming here, Dadi got her true love here, I will pray to Lord and come here every day to sing bhajan, Lord will make Dadi fine soon. Raghav and Naina pray. They go to buy garlands and see each other. He says you….

Naina taunts Raghav and says I came here to pray for Bal Krishna who is in my womb.

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