Pardes Mein Hai Mera Dil Written Update 28 February 2017 PMHMD Written Episode

Star Plus Pardes Mein Hai Mera Dil Written Episode 28th February 2017 PMHMD Written Update WU

Today’s Pardes Mein Hai Mera Dil episode starts with Dadi moving her hand and reacting, when Naina walks to her room. Naina enters the room and sees Dadi getting seizures. She rushes to Dadi and checks machines. She calls out nurse and looks outside. She calls out everyone and says there is no one, I can’t leave Dadi like this, I will take her to hospital. Nurse comes back and sees the room vacant. She thinks where did Dadi go.

The man tells Raghav about the interview. He praises Raghav. Raghav gets nurse’s call. Nurse says Dadi is not in room. He gets worried and says how can Dadi go missing, she is in coma. She says a girl came from your office. He asks Naina. She says yes. He thinks why did Naina come my house. He asks the man to cancel interview. The man says you can’t cancel it last minute, it will be big loss. Raghav says I will pay triple amount, nothing is imp to me than Dadi. He calls Pandey and asks why did Naina go my house, make me talk to police commissioner.

Naina asks doctor about Dadi. He says Dadi is fine, she can come out of coma soon. She says Raghav will be happy to know this, when I did not see nurse in room, I got Dadi here. He says we will look into the matter. She asks can I see Dadi. He says sure. Nurse says when I saw Naina, I asked her to leave Dadi, I got Dadi to hospital, she is fine now. He thanks her. He calls and says tell them I m doing the interview.

Naina says my heart says Dadi will get fine soon. She gets a call. Dilraj asks Naina where are you, police came here to find you. Naina asks why. Dilraj says your boss can sent police, he said I supported you in kidnapping an old woman, till he takes complaint back, they will not leave me, do something. Naina says I did not do anything wrong, I will make everything fine, I will get you out of jail. Dilraj asks her to do something fast. Naina thinks how can Ragha do this and leaves.

Naina tells Pandey that Dadi is fine, why is Raghav troubling Dilraj. Pandey says Raghav is busy and forgot to inform police. Naina asks is any interview imp than innocent life. He ends call and sees Raghav’s interview. Naina sees the interview and reaches the location. Guard says live telecast is happening. She says its imp for me to go inside. Raghav says everyone call me a good hearted man. Naina enters the door and says everyone say wrong, this man is a liar.

Raghav asks what’s this new drama. She asks did you get scared that your real face will come out. The reporter takes Naina’s interview. She says I m his employee, Raghav turned rich, but he is poor by heart, your ill Dadi is alone at home. Naina’s friend sees the interview. She says Naina is in India and even Raghav, why are they quarrelling, I know this place, I will come there. Raghav scolds Naina.

Naina reminds him Dadi, whom he loved a lot, how can he forget her. He says oh you reached my house to kidnap Dadi, to take revenge from me or to get money. She says you think I kidnapped Dadi, if I was not there, anything would have happened to her. Reporter asks her to say. Naina asks Raghav to come out and goes. Raghav says this interview should not get on air. Reporter says I told you its live interview, you will get famous now. Raghav says get lost. He goes to Naina and asks how dare you take Dadi without asking me, you are insulting me on live tv, be away from my Dadi.

She says I m not scared of you, so keep your anger to you, I can’t hurt Dadi ever, I just love and respect Dadi. He says you can’t be trusted. She says I have no interest to change your thinking, just know this, if I was not there, Dadi’s life was in danger. He asks what do you mean. Naina says nurse was not there, she did not care, when I went to Dadi, she was getting seizures, what would I do, would I leave Dadi, I may hate you, but not do anything to Dadi, why did you get Dilraj arrested, you hate me, I don’t care, get Dilraj out of jail.

He calls Pandey and says tell police to leave Dilraj Naina gets relieved. She cries and wipes her tears. He gives her water. They argue. She says if my landlord makes me out of the house because of your misunderstanding, where will I go, I have no job and house, its not your concern, you have no idea how I reached here and got a house, no one knows I m going to have a baby, they will throw me out that time, now I have no house, how will I explain people. He says it happens when doings are such, you are right, what will you say, you were married and have someone else’s child.

She says I m helpless that I can’t leave this job. He says you love that man and had his child in your womb, he left you, you think he deserves your love, why did you do this. She says for love, I will do this again if needed, love is not done by thinking, you also know this, you also loved Sanjana. He says your love is stupid. She says fine. He says I won’t let you become homeless, I promise Dilraj will not make you out of house, do some arrangements, you work here for three months till you have the contract. She leaves.

He goes out and asks driver to give car keys. He gets angry on Naina’s words. A car hits Naina’s friend. Raghav sees the accident and runs to her. He says she is Naina’s friend Zunubia. He sees the car getting away. He sees the number. Naina passes by. He sees her and goes to her. He says your friend Zunubia…. Naina gets shocked seeing Zeenu.

Doctor asks Raghav not to put work burden on employee, else you will have to answer her husband. She asks Naina shall I call your husband.


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