Piya Albela latest news – Pooja in tears as Surbhi and Naren perform puja together

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In the ongoing track of Piya Albela, we have seen that Pooja (Sheen Das) is in love with Naren (Akshay Mhatre) but is unable to express her love to him. At the same time, Surbhi’s entry in Naren’s life, had made Pooja insecure, seeing Naren and Surbhi’s close bond with each other.

Also, Surbhi too, feels insecure seeing Pooja and Naren’s friendship and good understanding between them. However, Surbhi has upper hand over pooja as Naren’s father Harish wants Naren and Surbhi to get married.

Now, in the upcoming episodes, viewers will see the family celebrating Naren’s birthday. There will be a aarti done and Surbhi would accompany Naren while doing the puja and aarti. Puja will be heart broken to see Naren and Surbhi doing the rituals together.

Later, Surbhi’s father Yash will gift Naren a car for his birthday and Naren will be quite shocked receiving such an expensive gift. Naren will turn down the gift and will refuse to accept it. Yash will feel bad seeing Naren’s refusal but Naren will tell Yash that he does not need any expensive gifts. Yash and Surbhi will be impressed seeing Naren’s humbleness.
Lots of more twists ahead in the love triangle amid Pooja-naren-Surbhi? Keep reading this space for more updates of Piyaa Albela.
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