Piya Albela latest news – Surbhi and Pooja try to gain Naren’s attention on dinner date

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Fans of Zee TV’s popular show Piya Albela will have to gear up for an interesting love triangle drama in te upcoming episodes.

It is seen that Surbhi has come to India with the intention of getting married to Naren (Akshay Mhatre) as she thinks that Naren loves her. Surbhi tells Supriya that Naren used to send her gifts and letters every year and Supriya gets shocked knowing this as she is sure that Naren has not done this.

Supriya comes to know that Harish has been sending the gifts and letters on Naren’s behalf as he wants Naren and Surbhi to marry. Surbhi is under the false impression that Naren loves her and decides to express her feelings for him. At the same time, Pooja (Sheen Das) becomes increasingly insecure about Surbhi as she notices that everyone likes her so much. Pooja sees Naren and Surbhi’s bonding and feels jealous. Pooja thinks to tell Naren about her feelings and writes a letter for Naren expressing her love.
However, Pooja is unable to give the letter to Naren and leaves it among Naren’s things.  Naren takes Surbhi for a dinner date to treat her for his birthday and asks Pooja to also join him. Naren is unaware that both Surbhi and Pooja are in love with him. He behaves friendly with both of them.
At the same time, Neelima and Rahul have some different plans in mind. Neelima wants Rahul to get married to Surbhi as Surbhi is very rich.
Lots of drama ahead as Harish would declare Naren and Surbhi’s marriage alliance ahead. Stay tuned to this space for more updates.
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