Piya Albela upcoming twists – Pooja struggles to save Naren

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Here’s what is in store for the viewers of Piya Albela in the coming episodes!!

It would be seen that Pooja (Sheen Dass) fights with some goons to reach Bela (Neha Marda). Naren’s (Akshya Mhatre) life is in danger. Pooja turns daring and beats up the goons. She gets injured. She still runs to stop the last rites of Praveen. Pooja begs the people for Naren’s life. She has less time to save Naren. She has to convince a heart donor. She learns Praveen’s heart matches for the transplant. She requests Bela to allow the heart transplant. Praveen’s family carry out his last rites. Pooja asks them to stop the last rites and preserve his body for the transplant. She asks Praveen’s family to give a new life to Naren.

Bela doesn’t want Praveen to undergo any surgery, that would hurt his soul. She wants Praveen to have soul peace. Pooja tells Bela that the place and time aren’t right to trouble her, but she came to request for her husband.

She agrees to become Bela’s slave forever. She tries explaining them that even Praveen would be happy if he could help someone after his death. Pooja is fighting for Naren’s life. She wants to drag Naren back to life. She is trying her best to change Bela’s decision. Satish also begs to Bela. Bela will be agreeing for donating Praveen’s heart. Naren would be getting a new life after the heart transplant. There will be new twist after the transplant. Bela will become part of Naren’s life.

Keep reading this space for latest spoilers, updates and gossips of Piya Albela.

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