Prithvi Vallabh 28 January 2018 Written Episode, Written Update

Sony TV serial Prithvi Vallabh 28th January 2018 Written Update, Prithvi Vallabh Written Episode

Today’s (28.01.2018) Prithvi Vallabh serial episode starts with Prithvi is looking at Mrinal as she passes by the boat, his frends tells him out guests have come.

Kavi Parimal who is with Mrinal praises Malwa for hosting events for artists like him. Prithvi makes entry. Malwa soliders spot Mrinal and her girls and stops them. Mrinal and other women her runs away from the soilders as they chase them. The soilders stop them and they surrender. She throws mud on the soldiers and kills them with sword, she manages to escape.

Prithvi’s freind introduces him to the guests in Rang utsav, prithvi is looking at the girl (Mirnal), his friend asks who are you looking for, he says i have seen those eyes, his friend is happy that he has finally found the girl with those eyes he was always looking for. He asks where did you see her, he tells prithvi don’t worry about this function, you find that girl.

Mrinal makes tsrategy with her girls about making attack on main door and other places, mrinal sasy i will enter the palace and will myself kill King Singdunt. Her girls says it will be very difficult, let us be by your side, she gives a letter to one of the girls and ays if i fail then give this letter to my brother Tailap.

Tailap’s wife confronts him for taking Kosha for an event. She insults her and calls her nachnewali, he gets upset, she ays i wish you would be upset for me too. She call him closer to her, she says come at least for a moment, he tells her to sleep as she is drunk, she says i am the quenn, you cannot leave me, she cries and begs him not to leave her alone.

A lady tells Kosha that guests are waiting for you, go and spread your magic, Tosha says today i don’t feel like dancing, the lady tells her we are in business of skin and not heart, keep hold on your emotions, you are a prostitute, Kosha says i know a prostitute cannot fall in love, she says but ever since tailap as come in my life, this prostitute has fallen in love, how do i make myself understand, the lady tells her stop dreaming about suhaag ka joda, it does not matter to us. Kosha says i wannt to be a bride for a few days, she asks her for a chance to live like a queen, lady says you will die like a prostitute only, she says raja and prostitute are never meant for one person. Kosha says i have seen first time love in eyes of Tailap, she says tailap wants to take me for hunting, i want to go too, lady says you will be hunted, Kosha says i want to be hunted, i am ready to die for Tailap.

Malwa’s head of army and Prithvi’s Guru sees his dead soilders and thinks Malwa is in danger, he sees ear rings and says these are some women in adivasi attire, he orders his soilders to find them and increase palace protection.

Prithvi is on horse in market area, everyone says prithvi ki jai, Mrinal sees him and wants to attack him, her confidant says your target is Singdunt and not him.

Prithvi overhears Mrinal’s anklets and looks at her and he is lost seeing her walk past him.

He says rajkumari.. you are cuaghtt, Mrianl is shocked, she says what do you mean, he identifies her from her walk and behaviour, she says yes i am a queen of my  mind, my tribe, my people, he says looks like you are lost, she says may be i am closer to my destination, she says my name is Rukam, i have come with Kavi parimal, he tells her to go to Kala Bhavan. She thanks him for guinding her to destination, he says your and my destination is same.

he shows his horses and says he will not let a beaitiful lady like you walk s much, he offers his hands to her.  She gives her hands to him while he is lost into looking at her.. song plays in background, he makes her sit on the horse. mrinal’s confidant is happy to see them together.

Prithvi’s friend stops mrinal from entering the Kala Bhavan and says you will have to shocase your art first to get netry here.

Prithvi asks her what is your art that is favourite. mrinal looks at a musical instrument (Veena) and remembers her childhood. Prithvi asks his men to get veena ready and tells mrinal to play it.

mrinal walks towards the veena and says today to kill Singdunt, i will do anything, i had left playing veena since childhood after the masaacre night, but i will have to play it again for my mission. Mrinal’s hands shiver as she is trying to play the veena and she looks at prithvi.

She does not play properly, Prithvi says looks like you have not played for years, he says let me help you. He starts playing the Veena and looks at her. he enjoys playing it. He gives it to her and tells her to play again.

She plays beautifully again while there are tears in her eyes as she remembers the dark night when her parents were killed.

Prithvi realizes the pain in her music, the Veena strings break, mrinal runs away from the place and cries alone, prithvi comes there says looks like your pain is deep and old, your fingers have been on Veena after a long time, but you pain is fresh, Mrinal walks away from him towards water fountain to clean her face, He says we are just new friends but you can share your pain with me. She says nothing like that, she says i was feeling bad as veena strings broke, he says but i could hear heart break also, they are lost in each others eyes.

He says your reason to come to Malwa is not Kavi sam melan, she says i have hear so many stories of Malwa and Singdunt, that’s why i have come, he says let me take you to the king, she follows him.

Some soldiers stops Kavi Parimal and asks him about identity. They follow him as he runs away. He catch hold of him.

Mrinal says so much fun and music, people have no work and so much free time, Prithvi says a artist like you is saying such, she says only art is just not means of life, there are other things to do too. he shows her a big picture and says these artists have been making this pictures for so many days and waiting for Ran Utsav. he says today they will be appreciated for their work, in Malwa, arti is also work and its is very important to us.

Mrinal says looks like you are very dear to the people here. 

Soilders bring Kavi Parimal to Malwa head of army, he asks him if he is from manyakhet, Parimal says yes, i was born from there, head of army says why were you with the foreign women, he says yes i know i was with them, but nothing more, he says Malwa is very nice, i should leave, soldiers stop him, head of army says you can go if you can identity those women who were with you, parimal agrees.

Prithvi says today we will lecet kala vadhu. She asks why are you electing a  woman for entertainment, he says the woman will encourage art and creativity in Malwa, she says that why you are so much interested in this contest related to woman, he says you jump to conclusions, he says understand Malwa people, you will understand life. He talks about garland ritual where it is thought that soulmates are in heaven and if she finds her soulmate, she can make him wear.

A solider calls him to the place and Prithvi leaves. Mrinal takes out garland in anger.

Parimal identifies a woman from mrinal’s groups, soldiers chase them.

Minal’s confidant tells her that they have put bombs in different places but security is very tight as they have doubts already. She shows her a map and says this is only way for you to leave Malwa after you kill Singdunt. You have to get Singdunt to this place to kill him.

Singdunt makes a grand entry. Mrinal looks at him with anger. Everyone calls out Maharaj ki jai.

Mrinal’s one of the woman from the group gets  caught by the soldiers. head of Army asks the woman, who has sent you, she says so much explosives have been put in malwa that only ashes will be left o Malwa and our queen will kill your King Sindunt. Bombs begin to explode, everyone is running here and there, its chaos, head of army orders his soldiers to go and take care of matter.

Mrinal says its time to seek my revenge Singdunt,  Her confidant kills all the solider around the area and throws a bomb in the area whwere the King has stepped down, other girls begin to kill Singdunt’s solders, Mrinal walks to Singdunt and holds him from behind with a knife on his neck. Prithvi is shocked to see all the chaos. He shouts out for his father.


Prithvi chases mrinal, they get into a fight, she falls off from her horse and is seen jumping from a water fall, he looks at her. Singdunt is alive. In the royal court of Malwa, Prithvi is blamed for the incident as he had taken the responsibility of Rang utsav despite security threats, Royal Ministers says Prithvi agrees to his fault, Prithvi says i made a mistake to recognize Mrinal, minister says he should be thrown out of Malwa forever. 


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