Rishta Likhenge Hum Naya 16 November 2017 Written Episode, RLHN Written Update

Sony TV serial Rishta Likhenge Hum Naya 16th November 2017 Written Update, RLHN Written Episode Full Update

Today’s (16.11.2017) Rishta Likhenge Hum Naya episode starts with Ratan is about to taste kheer when Diya stops him and says let her taste it first. Bhuvan smirks thinking if not Daata Hukum, his pehredar/protector will die. Isha confronts and says that she prepared it and Diya is doubting her. Diya says she is following her duty. Bua comments Diya always interferes and doubts Ratan’s family will harm him. Ratan takes Diya’s side and says who is Diya, she does not even have right to enter this house, but she is the one who is protecting him since childhood from his own family member’s attacks and he lost his parents from their attacks. They attacked him even after returning home. Diya is his pehredar and will be always. He shows affidavit and says if something happens to him, they all should be ready for police interrogation and he has written evryone’s name.

CT confronts Ratan and says he is doubting them for his pehredaar, she will taste his food first and then he can have it. She eats each item from thali and then picks kheer. Bhuvan signals her not to drink it and coughs. CT reminisces Bhuvan mixing poison in Ratan’s kheer and she finding it behind drawer. She takes kheer bowl with trembling hands, drinks it and leaves. Poison starts affecting her and she walks with wobbly gait and asks servants to take her to hospital. They rush her to hospital.

Ratan walks with Diya and says even smily would be more happy than her, he cleared all her tension by filing affidavit and warning his family, she should smile at least now. Diya thanks him for supporting her against his family. He smiles and leaves with guard. Diya tells Yash that Ratan does not know how much risk he is in, his enemies got more alert now and affidavit will not work, she does not know what they will plan next.

Diya gets Ratan’s call to come out right now and sends location. She with Yash rushes out of palace and asks daata hukum what happened. Ratan says he is Ratan and not daata hukum outside palace. He says he wants to go to disco but cannot as her 4 guards are always with him. Diya says it is for his safety. He says he is not a kid now and wants to enjoy life. Diya says he will if he is alive. Ratan insists her to send her guards away. Diya says she will not let him alone. Yash says it is for his safety and Diya does not even want to join a 1 hour cooking class. Ratan says she may be enjoy 24 hour security, but he cannot. Argument ensues. Ratan angrily says fine, Diya wins and congratulates her for spoiling his evening.

CT returns to her room from hospital. Bhuvan asks if she is fine, why did not she pick his calls, he was worried. She says Ratan is like her son and she would not have forgiven him if something had happened to Ratan. Bhuvan asks to stop her acting. CT says even she wants Diya out of Ratan’s life, but not by killing her. That mild poison would not have harmed Diya, but he would have been in trouble. She warns him to stop being foolish.

Diya sipping tea reminisces enemy’s video warning her that he will kill Daata Hukum and then they can celebrate his death. She also remembers recent attacks and thinks who is the main culprit.


Diya asks guards why they are outside, where is Ratan. They say he was with her. Ratan drives jeep smiling and someone follows him. Diya tries to rush out. CT stops her and asks where is Ratan.



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