Rishton Ka Chakravyuh 05 October 2017 Written Episode, RKC Written Update

Star Plus serial Rishton Ka Chakravyuh 05th October 2017 Written Update, RKC 05 October 2017 Written Episode

Today’s Rishton Ka Chakravyuh 05th October 2017 episode starts with Anami comes back from college, Satrupa is tensed about her first day at college, she tells her not to worry as she is worried about her own identity than Satrupa’s image. Damoo tells Satrupa not to worry so much, slowly she will learn everything, Satrupa says i don’t have time nah, when will she understand that what ever i am doing is for her good, some day she will do something that she will feel bad while going against me.

Ira tells Adhiraj that Satrupa has planted Anami for he gains in lal mahal, Adhiraj says no, Anami is grand daughter of Vikram. He tells Ira that Anami should not find out about second DNA report which again says that she is daughter of Satrupa. Later, Adhiraj finds out on TV that his father Dhiru will be joining the board of Royal steel, he is shocked, he leaves his office and rushes to see his father.

Anami remembers about being ragged by the college kids and their comments, Poonam is talking to her but she is emotional, Poonam asks her what happened, she says i did mistake, something happened at college which i could have handled without getting into a fight, she recollects about her foster mother Madhu teachings about being non-violence. She asks Poonam what do you think, should i say sorry o those english kids, Poonams says you are forgetting Madhu’s teachings if you are wrong then don’t fight but if you are right then don’t bend, She says i think i have not done anything wrong today, she thanks Poonam and tells her to give some food to her as she is hungry.

Sudha’s help Naina is adjusting a birds nest that is on top of a window, Sudha says let me do it, She toches the nest, the help says now the bird will not come to nest, Sudha in her typical style says how come sparroe makes nest with a small beak and drops the nest, she does drama saying oh, Naina we have destroyed the nest, she says you know why i don’t like nest because they are meant to be broken.

Dhiru is calling out for Tanya, Tanya says you cannot have more tea as you have drunk already three times, he requests her to give tea one more time, Adhiraj comes home and shuts the door in anger, he asks what is happening papa, he says i ma scrapping coconut, he says don’t be smart you know my question. Dhiru says how can i guess what is in your mind, Adhi says i am asking what you did this morning, he says i made kheer, you want to taste, Adhi says i am asking you as CBI officer, Dhiru still tries to dodge his questions, Dhiru gives him kheer to taste, Adhi says Kheer is sweet but your touch has made it bitter.

Sudha talks to Naina about how eagle is not scared of clouds unlike a sparrow who is scared of clouds and makes her next. She says how she like eagle flies high in sky not scared of anything and celebrates it strength and win. She says scared sparrow will give birth to scared kids, She says i don’t like fear , she tells Naina lets start packing, its time to destroy a nest, time to destroy lal mahal.

Adhiraj tells his father how could you do this to me, i had confided in you and told you about lal Mahal problem and you used it for your gains, His father says i did;t betray you i just took advantage of opportunity, he says you have been blaming me of escaping from my problem, and now i am doing something, you don’t like it.

Vikram Singh tells all the family members that tomorrow their will be voting of Board of directors and each one of your votes will matter, please use you right judiciously, he says i also want to see who really cares about this family.

Rishton Ka Chakravyuh 06 October 2017 Precap:

Adhiraj shares with Anami that he does not know that he can now even trust his father, he leaves after talking to her and something falls out of his pocket, Anami reads the papers.

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