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Bengali TV show Roopkatha star cast, characters real names and other details

Colors Bangla is all set to launch a new show for its viewers titled Roopkatha.

Produced by Surinder Films, Roopkatha is a fantasy drama and will narrate the story of Bhumi, princess of Rupnagar who grew up in the jungle instead of the palace and her sole aim in life will be to reclaim the throne from Mohini by using powers of positivity and goodness. However, Mohini is now blessed by the powers of Darkness and is almost invincible. For Bhumi to acquire these powers of positivity and goodness, she must make an adventurous yet perilous journey across seven seas and thirteen rivers.  After she overthrows Mohini she will also carry out the final rites of her parents who were brutally murdered by Mohini.

Replacing Nagleela, the show will air from 2 May, airing every Monday to Saturday at 7 pm.


ইতিহাসের পাতায় লেখা হবে নতুন #RoopKotha!আসছে নতুন কাহিনী….2nd May থেকে সোম থেকে শনি সন্ধ্যে 7pm এ শুধু Colors বাংলায়

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