Saath Nibhana Saathiya Spoilers: Ahem in a dilemma to choose Gopi or Mansi

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The current track of Star Plus Saath Nibhana Saathiya shows that Vidya, Tolu and Molu are shocked to find out that Gopi (Devoleena Bhattacharjee) is a murderer of her own sister Radha.

Vidya confronts Gopi and blames her to lie to all of them about her not being with them all these years. She tells her how they found out her expired passport and went on to find out the truth that she is a criminal.

Gopi maintains her silence about why she killed her own sister Radha while Vidya tells her that she is a Khooni (murderer).

Kokilaben finally loses her cool and yells at Vidya when she calls Gopi a murderer. Kokila says that Gopi will never tell the truth to anyone and now she will tell the entire truth about her past.

Soo, it will be seen that Kokila will start hitting Ahem (Mohammad Nazim) mercilessly with a stick. Meera and Vidya will stop Kokila for beating up their father so badly and in the process they will push her away.

Thats when Kokila makes them realize that like they tried to save their father Ahem, Gopi too tired to save Rashi’s life from Radha.

Meera, Vidya and others will be shocked to find out the whole truth. Ahem too realises his mistake and asks for apology from Gopi and Kokila.

Modi family will finally been seen altogether again.

However, Mansi will be jealous to see Meera and Gopi bonding with their real mother Gopi.

Ahem will also be in a dilemma to choose Gopi or Mansi in his life.

Will Mansi give up easily and get out of Ahem and Gopi’s life?

Stay tuned for latest updates from Saath Nibbhana Saathiya.


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