Sanjivani 16 August 2019 Written Update

Sanjivani latest news, Sanjivani 2 written update

Here’s what will happen in today’s episode of Sanjivani serial on Star Plus. Before his surgery, Shashank tells Juhi that he wants to live. He tells her that he is giving a big responsibility to her. He knows that she is the best surgeon and he gives her the position of chief of surgery. He tells her that he wants her to head Sanjivani. Anjali overhears their conversation and gets sad. Anjali wants to get Shashank’s position as it is her dream to head Sanjivani. She thinks that her father doesn’t believe in her capabilities and gets disappointed in him. She thinks that he is doing injustice with her. She leaves from the operation theatre.

Juhi dos not want to spoil Shashank and Anjali relations and wants all the prayers and wishes for his surgery. Juhi tells Shashank to talk to Anjali once.

Doctor Rishabh checks a patient’s reports. Ishani is upset with Sid’s unfair decisions of not letting her assist for doctor Shashank’s surgery. A patient blames Rishabh for overcharging them. Ishani tries to tell the guy that the CT scan was also necessary for his proper diagnosis.

Ishani tries to study about a girl patient. She finds the family and asks them to give their consent for the surgery. She understands the solution of the tough case, however the patient doesn’t understand why the surgery is needed for abdominal pain. Ishani says that she will explain everything to them after the surgery. The girl faints suddenly and is rushed to the operation theatre.

Juhi is tensed as Shashank’s life is a big responsibility. She fears of making any mistake in the risky surgery. She loses her courage. Vardaan manipulates Anjali. Juhi is asked to operate Shashank soon, as his condition can get worse. She doesn’t understand anything and screams out while in tears. Rishabh gets impressed by Ishani and her medical skills. She performs the surgery well.

Later, Ishani gets a proof against Sid. She wants Vardaan to fire Sid. She is convinced that Sid is a corrupt doctor and is unaware that about his noble intentions.

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