Sanjivani 2 spoilers: Sid to reject Ishani’s love

Sanjivani 2 latest news – 13 October 2019 Episode Written Update

Here’s shocking update for loyal fans of Star Plus popular serial Sanjivani 2. It would be seen that Jessic falls down the chair because of her ill health. She makes an excuse but Sid and Shashank know that it is her bad health. Dr. Juhi tells them that Jessica’s treatment will happen in USA under a cancer specialist. Sanjivani hospital takes the responsibility of the expenses for her treatment as Philo has worked with Sanjivani.

Later, Sid and Ishani dance together. Rishabh apologizes to Ishani for putting her posters in the hospital and trying to defame her. He asks to dance with her. Ishani dances with Rishi in order to make Sid jealous. Her move works as Sid gets jealous.

Sid and Ishani dance together again and enjoy their dance. Ishani is in love with Sid and feels for him. Vardan asks Rishabh to make Juhi and Shashank dance together which will upset Anjali. He wants to make Anjali upset so that she comes back to him to share her sorrows. Anjali does not allow Shashank to dance due to his high BP but Shashank does not listen and dances with Juhi on everyone’s request. Anjali gets upset seeing them dance together as she does not like Juhi.

Juhi confronts Shashank to know if he loves her. He wants Juhi to realize his feelings on her own and understand if it is love.

Asha and Sid’s uncle trick Ishani and Sid while applying mehendi. Sid and Ishani’s names get written on each other’s palm while they are unaware of the same. Sid sees his name on Ishani’s hand and gets upset. He doesn’t want to fall in love and takes out his anger on Ishani. He does not accept her love. Sid does not want to see Ishani’s face again. ant to see her face again and asks her to stay away. Ishani is shocked to see Sid’s anger and left heart broken as he leaves.

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