Sanjivani 2 upcoming twists: Ishani and Anjali get slapped

Sanjivani 2 latest news and upcoming twists

Here’s what will happen in upcoming episode of Sanjivani 2 on Star Plus. Sid feels bad for Ishani. Dr. Shashank send him a message to come and meet him in order to celebrate his discharge. Vardaan and Rishabh talk about Sid and Ishani’s difference. Vardan says that though both of them are much talented but they are harmful for Sanjivani’s finances. He wants them out of the hospital. Rishabh is happy about Vardaan’s plan against Sid and Ishani.

Dr. Sid discusses about Dr. Ishani with Dr. Shashank and tells him that he sort out the differences with her. He does not want to fall in her eyes. Dr. Shashank asks him to find out who tried to malign her image. Dr. Juhi also confident that Sid cannot do such a thing against Ishani. She stops others from blaming Sid without any proofs. Later, Dr. Juhi meets a couple who insist to have a normal delivery and do not want any surgery. She tells them that they will not go for any surgery unless required. Sid tries to clear misunderstanding with Ishani but she is not ready to listen to him. She refuses to work with him. Dr. Juhi tells Ishani to assist Dr. Anjali who is handling the delivery case. The pregnant lady goes through phantom pregnancy. Anjali and Ishani get much tensed for her. Vardan tells Rahul that soon they will be ruling Sanjivani as per their terms.

Dr. Anjali insults Ishani over her parents’ truth. Ishani gets much sad. Anjali and Ishani inform the pregnant lady’s husband about his wife’s phantom pregnancy. The man gets very upset and starts cursing the doctors. He gets angry and slaps Ishani and Anjali. He threatens to file a case on Sanjivani. Ishani gets more disturbed as the man blames her for killing his baby.

Sid tries to get proofs for his innocence but doesn’t get any proofs against Vardaan. Ishani doesn’t want to get blamed for her parents’ crimes. Dr. Asha tries to comfort Ishani and knows Ishani is a good actor. Sid gets to know that Rishabh has trapped Ishani. However, Rishabh doesn’t get caught and makes Sid get caught by Ishani. He creates more differences between Sid and Ishani.

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