Sanjivani 2 upcoming twists: Vardaan plans to trap Anjali in love

Sanjivani 2 latest news: Sid and Ishani perform amazing dance together

Here’s what will happen in the coming episode of Sanjivani 2 on Star Plus. It would be seen that Jignesh waits for Jessica as their pre wedding functions begins. Shashank tells him that he might have to wait a little longer as women take lot of time to get ready. Juhi tells Shashank that he too took a lot of time to confess his love. Jignesh sees Jessica and gets emotional. He takes her to the stage to enjoy the function.

Anjali gets beautifully dressed and comes for the function. She does not wear the saree given by Vardan. He understands that Anjali has still not forgiven him. He thinks of another solid plan to trap her in love. He wants to takeover Sanjivani by getting Anjali on to his side.

Rahil teases Dr. Sid about his love for Ishani. Dr. Sid and Ishani have some cute and romantic moments during the pre-wedding functions. They express their love for each other while they look at each other. Juhi is happy to see that Sanjivani hospital is still the same where doctors value their relations with the patients. She notices Sid and Ishani’s love gesture for each other.

Dr. Juhi tells Sid and Ishani to start the function with some music and dance. Sid and Ishani dance together.

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Jessica asks Jignesh if his parents are not happy with the marriage. He tells her that about their prayers for her speedy recovery and why they are not talking for her well being.

Shashank’s health deteriorates but he hides his sickness from Dr. Juhi. She gets tensed about him. She asks him if he loves her. Shashank says that he has answered about his emotion. he says that he leaves it for her to decide. The pre-wedding function takes a dramatic turn when there is shortage of food. While everyone enjoys, Jessica ‘s condition gets critical. Sid and Ishani rush Jessica to the emergency ward.

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