Sasural Simar Ka Spoilers: Rajveer to hide the truth about Simar

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The upcoming episode of Colors’ Sasural Simar Ka featuring Simar (Dipika Samson) and Roli (Avika Gor) will soon introduce a typical Mahabharat plot, where Prem (Dheeraj Dhoopar) will keep his wife Simar on stake to win back his property from Rajveer (Siddharth Vasudev).

It will be seen that Rajveer will ask Prem for a card game where the Prem will keep Simar on stake. And they will place a bet where if Prem would win, he will get back his property and Nagmani but if Prem would lose then he will give Simar to Rajveer. Prem accepts Rajveer’s deal and lose.

Simar will be furious after finding about this deal and she will decide to create her own fate and will not let Rajveer harm her.

Rajveer will also be aware of his wrong deeds and will not harm Simar.

However he will provide a false impression to the rest of the family members that he intends to establish a physical relation with Simar.

Bharadwaj family members will be shattered after finding out the truth and some family members will actually believe that Rajveer truly shared some relation with Simar.

What happens next?  Will Simar have to give Agnipariksha or will she fight for her rights and dignity?

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