Savitri Devi College And Hospital serial news – Anand to destroy evidence, Jaya to get injured

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Here’s what is in store for the viewers of Savitri Devi College And Hospital in the upcoming episodes of the show.

It is already seen that Sanchi (Swarda Thigale) is in trouble as because her identity will get revealed soon.

Now, in the upcoming episodes of Savitri Devi serial, during the lie detection test, Veer (Varun Kapoor) will get to know that Sanchi is indeed the same Sanchi Mishra he had been looking for all along. This revelation will shock him.

At the same time, Gayatri (Sonica Handa) will manage to get the CD which will reveal that Anand (Mohan Kapur) is involved in a murder. She will treat Savitri (Nishigandha Wad) like a servant and would inform Anand that he will now need to support her as she has got the CD.  Sanchi and Jaya (Shilpa Shirodkar) will learn about the missing CD and would be worried about the consequences if Anand would get to know the truth.

Also, Jaya will manage to get the CD from Komal and she would go to SDCH to expose Anand. However, some goons sent by Anand in a car will come and dash her autorickshaw and will manage to destroy the CD. In the process, Jaya will also get injured.

Further, Anand and Adarsh will also get to know about Sanchi’s real identity.

What will happen next? Will Sanchi get expelled from SDCH?

Stay tuned to this space for latest gossips and upcoming twists of Savitri Devi serial.

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