Shakti Astitiva Ke Ehsaas Ki update: Preeto suicide drama ahead

Shakti Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki upcoming twists, Shakti serial latest news

Here’s what will happen in the coming episodes of Shakti Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki on Colors channel. It would be seen that Preeto (Kamya Punjabi) once again does suicide drama. She reaches Kinnar’s house and threatens to commit suicide by putting kerosene all over her. Raavi has come to stay with the kinners which makes Preeto much upset and angry. Preeto tells Raavi to come with her. Raavi stops her from her craziness. Preeto tells Raavi that she will burn herself alive if she des not come back home. Soumya (Rubina Dilaik) comes there and pours water on Preeto and stops her from burning herself.

Keep reading this space for more updates and spoilers of Shakti serial.

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  • <cite class="fn">sarita</cite>

    Makers have always given importance to saumya character.but now its time they focus on Harman character.everytime Harman had to prove his love to saumya.but now it should be saumya.harman without knowing anyone must leave the house & go far away from everyone.he must leave a letter for saumya saying that as she left him & turned herself to gurumaa,even he left everything & now he will never return.he never thought that she never loved him so now without her his life is nothing so he will never ever return back & come behind her.let her think that he has died,so she can live her life without fear.usne gurumaa ban kar kinneron ki responsibility leli hain aur family se sanyas liya Harman use uski responsibility ke beech nahin ayega isiliye woh uski zindagi se hamesha ke liye door jaraha ordains wants to see saumya reaction how she is going to react after this letter.she will accept it or she will search for Harman.saumya must go mad.usne kabhi nahin socha hoga ki Harman is tarah react karega.ab use ehsaas hona chaiye ki Harman ki kya jagah hain saumya ki zindagi main.usne Harman ko pagalon ki tarah dhoondh na chaiye.preeto ne aage aakar saumya ko ghar le jana chaiye aur saumya bhi ghar laut jani chaiye hamesha ke liye.she must apologise to kinner community that without Harman she will die or kill herself & return home for Harman.then preeto & saumya ne Harman ko kisi bhi tarah wapas dhunde kar lane ki milkar koshish karni chaiye.uske baad saumya ne kasam khani chaiye ki abki baar agar woh Harman kar chod kar jayegi to apne maut ke always Harman go through when saumya leaves him & go the same way she must suffer searching for Harman & she must be affected hurted when she is alone & searching many times she has hurted people when she left without saying surbhi,nani,nimmi,Harman,preeto,malika & team were hurted when saumya left them & went.saumya must also deserve the same hurtness.din raat jab Harman ko dhoondegi , royegi apne aap pata chal jayega.jab Harman use kea as pass nahin hain we want to see her love towards him.kya kya karegi woh Harman ko vapas lane ke liye.harman ke absence main who Harman ke family ka kaise khayal rakhti hain.harman ke liye who kis had tak jasakti hain yeh ordains ko dekh na hain.agar uska pyaar Harman ke liye saacha hain aur Harman uske liye apne aap se bhi badkar hain toh use woh sabit karna hoga.

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