Shakti Astitve Ke Ehsaas Ki Update: Harman to take Soumya to Saya’s house

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Here’s what will happen in the upcoming episodes of Shakti Astitve Ke Ehsaas Ki. It is known that Harman is trying hard to make Soumya remember their past.

Harman asks her to wear her old orange saree. He decides to take Soumya to stay in Kinnar’s house. Sameer tells him that Khushi will not go to stay with kinnars and asks her to refuse him. Harman says that 10 days challenge is canceled and says he will follow Soumya for 10 years. He says the choice is yours, either 10 years or 10 days.

Soumya tells Harman that she will go and pack her bags. Sameer gets tensed. They reach Saya’s house. Soumya gets flashes of their stay in Saya’s house, but doesn’t understand anything. Saya, Chameli, and others try to make her regain her memory. Harman is hopeful and determined. 

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