Shama Sikander in ‘Sexaholic’ short film as nymphomaniac – photos, trailer

The recent BOLD appearance of TV actress Shama Sikander in short film titled ‘Sexaholic’ will leave you jaw-dropping

Is love only about emotional fulfilment? Can a woman not have desires that go beyond what her partner can fulfil? If a sexually-charged woman is called a ‘nymphomaniac’, what’s the male equivalent for that?  For the uninitiated nymphomaniac, is a somehow coarse term, to describe a woman with a higher-than-average libido.
The recent appearance of actress Shama Sikander in short film titled, ‘Sexaholic’ will leave you speechless which tackles the above questions. The short film showcases Shama Sinkander and co-star Vishal Karwal as a married couple, who are in love…but not physically-compatible. Vishal, a high-flying service-man, is unable to satisfy his wife.
According to Shama Sikander, the journey from a simple to glamorous girl was not that easy. Guess what, Shama too has been a victim of depression. And now, the pretty lady has won the battle.
While talking to a leading daily, Shama Sikander said, “I did this film to makes the industry aware about my presence. I took the long gap in between; I was on a journey of finding myself. Honestly, when you work in such glamour industry where there are so many people around you with so many lies, deception and manipulation, few souls like me got lost. I am an honest soul with simple lifestyle. But unfortunately, living in this world is not that easy. I was unhappy with this whole bad scenario which led me into depression. I had no idea about my life was going. However, this depression turned out good for me. During this break, I gave myself some time. Today, the way my life has changed is awesome. I have accepted people and now I am living an honest life.”
The film also features Shama’s fiancé James Milliron who is an American based businessman and both engaged last year according to the reports
Watch the trailer Shama Sikander’s showrt flm ‘Sexaholic’ here 

Shama Sikander in Sexaholic Pictures/Images/Photos

Collage Shama Sikandar lead111

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Shama’s fiancé James Milliron in Sexaholic image-picture
Shama’s fiancé James Milliron in Sexaholic image-picture
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Shama-Sikandar Sexaholic


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