Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka Gossips: Mishti upset to know Mauli is with Pari

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Here’s what will happen in the coming episodes of Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka. It would be seen that Kunal finds out that Pari has called Mauli home.

Pari tells him that Mauli has come to look after her. Kunal thanks Mauli for coming to look after Nandini and his daughter. He informs Radhika that Mauli has come home for the sake of Pari.

Radhika gets happy that Kunal and Mauli are together. She wants Mauli to settle back with Kunal. But Dida opposes Radhika. She tells Radhika that Mauli meeting Kunal isn’t good for the relation with Ishaan. She warns Radhika that there will be clashes in between Ishaan and Kunal. Dida worries for Mauli, and moreover Ishaan’s heartbreak.

At the same time, Pari Mauli and Kunal play games with her. She brings them more closer and together by her mischief. Dida waits for Mauli to come back as she fears that Mishti will find out about Mauli’s visit to Pari.

Mauli and Kunal recollect the old days while playing the game. They realize what they have missed in the past. Pari calls Kunal a cheater. Mauli realizes that Kunal has really cheated her. Shegoes back to her bitter past and recollects how Kunal and Nandini have betrayed her.

Mauli talks to Mishti over call and lies to her about visiting a patient. Mishti overhears Kunal and Pari’s voice on the call and decides to question Mauli when she returns home. She finds out that Mauli is with Pari and gets very upset. She calls Mauli home.

Pari gets motherly affection from Mauli, which she always yearned for. She tells Mauli that she will try to bring back her dad on the right track. She wishes Mauli and Kunal unite. Pari wants a mother in her life. Kunal knows this won’t

Dida fears that Kunal and Mauli are playing with fire.

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