Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka Update: Mauli gets insecure, Mishti locks Pari in washroom

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In the upcoming episodes of Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka, viewers will have to gear up for some interesting drama as Mauli (Aditi Sharma) gets jealous seeing Kunal (Shakti Arora) with Mehek.

It would be seen that Kunal seeks help from Mahek in order to keep Mauli away from him. Kunal is aware that Mauli is madly in love with him, while Ishaan is madly in love with her. Kunal wants Mauli to move on and marry Ishaan and see her happy in life. At the same time, Mauli stays upset over Kunal and Mahek’s friendship. She wants to know if Kunal has an affair with Mahek.

Ishaan takes Mauli to meet his mum at a restaurant. Ishaan notices that Mauli is uneasy and asks her if she is upset about Kunal, if there is any problem. Mauli lies to him. Ishaan confesses love to Mauli. Mauli likes Ishaan’s innocent confession. She gets disturbed when she sees Kunal and Mahek at the same restaurant. Ishaan offers Kunal to joins them. Kunal and Mahek get into the drama action and act romantic to break Mauli’s heart. Mahek tells them that she has come from London just to celebrate Kunal’s birthday. Mauli gets upset with Kunal. Kunal praises Mehek. Mauli gets insulting Kunal, who left her for Nandini. Kunal gets happy that Mauli is hating him again, and will limit her feelings for him now.

 At the same time, Mishti gets insecure of Pari. She takes a big step and locks up Pari inside the washroom. Pari faints in the washroom by a panic attack. She fails to get help from Radhika. Radhika looks for Pari, but Mishti stops her from reaching Pari.  Later, Radhika and Dida find out about Mishti locking Pari in the washroom and get much disappointed. They get tesned about Kunal’s reaction on Mishti’s misdeed.

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