Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka Update: Mishti asks Mauli to bring Kunal home

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Here’s what will happen in the upcoming episodes of Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka. It would be seen that Mauli (Aditi Dev Sharma) gets a big shock after finding out that Mishti is missing from the school.

Mauli thinks who has picked Mishti. She rushes to school to find out about Mishti. She doubts Kunal for Mishti’s disappearance. She confronts Kunal for kidnapping Mishti. She tells him that she can’t snatch Mishti from her and clears out to him that Mishti is just her daughter. 

Kunal tells her that he didn’t pick Mishti. They take help from police. Kunal assures Mauli that they will find Mishti.

Later, Mauli finds Mishti in the park with Ishaan. Ishaan reminds Mauli about their planning. Mauli apologizes to Ishaan and Kunal as well. Ishaan asks Mauli about Kunal, if he knows about Mishti.

Mauli tell the truth to Ishaan that Kunal is Mishti’s father. She tells him that she will not let Kunal snatch Mishti ever. Ishaan assures her that Kunal won’t reach Mishti.

Later, Kunal answers Pari’s innocent questions. He wonders if his daughters will understand his decision taken in past. Mishti wants her real father with her. She stays disturbed. Kunal wants to save Mishti from the pain. Mishti asks Mauli to bring Kunal home.

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