Sufiyana Pyaar Mera Update: Kainat to kidnap Saltanat

Sufiyana Pyaar Mera upcoming twists – Saltanat to confess her love for Zaroon

Fans of Star Bharat serial Sufiyana Pyaar Mera will have to gear up big twists and high voltage drama in the coming episodes of the show.

It would be seen that Zainab requests Saltanat (Helly Shah) to save Kainat’s life. She emotionally blackmails her to get Kainat and Zaroon (Rajveer Singh) married. Zaroon finds out that Zainab is stopping Saltanat from accepting his love. He knows that Saltanat is sacrificing her love. He prays for Saltanat’s love while Saltanat prays for Kainat. Zaroon asks Saltanat if she loves him or not but she denies to love him and asks him to marry Kainat. Zaroon tells her that he will fulfill her wish and marry Kainat. Saltanat is shattered but holds herself. Zaroon tells Miyajaan that he will marry Kainat. He gives his word to his father.

Further, Kainat takes a disguise as Saltant and informs everyone that she is away for some days until Kainat and Zaroon get married. She gets crazy in Zaroon’s love and kidnaps Saltant. She attempts to kill Sultanat. She does not want any hurdles in her marriage with Zaroon. Miyajaan announces Kainat and Zarron’s wedding. Kainat is much happy. Saltanat will manage to escape and find out Kainat’s truth. Viewers will get to see emotional love confession of Saltanat for Zaroon. The lovely couple will unite.

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