Suhani Si Ek Ladki 12 September 2015 Written Episode

Star Plus Serial ‘Suhani Si Ek Ladki’ 12th September 2015 Written Update (WU), SSEL latest story

Today’s (12.09.2015) Suhani Si Ek Ladki episode starts with Suhani dressed as a bride standing next to Yuvraaj as he lies on the bed resting. She says its my marriage today and I am so mad to come to you at this time, but you don’t care like always.

She asks him that is she really a burden for him that does not feel any pain when she will go away from his life.

She says that she felt that Yuvraj was trying to stop her marriage with Rohan as she thought maybe he loves her. But there was nothing like that, all her hopes was a lie like their relation.

Yuvraj says its not like that. She says if I was in your place, I would have never let you go away from me. She cries and leaves.

Yuraj tells Suhani to listen to him and opens his eyes only to realize that he was dreaming about Suhani.

He says how could I sleep till now and recalls Sharad’s words. Dadi says Pratima is getting sharp now and goes to see Yuvraaj. She sees him gone and gets worried. Yuvraaj rushes out saying he can get late. He reaches his car and holds his head being dizzy. He faints there. Suhani gets hurt and Soumya cares for her. Suhani thanks for her support. Souma says I m not with you, I still hope for some miracle. Dadi says where should I find Yuvraaj, his phone is with me. She comes out and does not see Yuvraaj fallen behind his car.

She sees his car and says it means he is at home. Yuvraaj gets up and goes on the road to take an auto. He is in bad state and is falling again. Sharad comes and holds him. He asks what is he doing, Dadi was finding him, so I have come to see you. Yuvraaj says I have to go to Suhani. Sharad smiles and asks are you saying true, fine, I will take you and bring Suhani back home. Yuvraaj asks did I get late. Sharad says no, come.

Bhavna asks Soumya to get Suhani in mandap. Soumya says you be with Suhani, I will call Rohan. Dadi asks Pratima about Yuvraaj. Pratima says he may have went on terrace. Dadi says but he is not allowed to climb stairs, he is not here. Pratima says maybe he is in garden. Dadi says he isn’t. Anuj says relax, I know where is Yuvraaj, he went to doctor with Sharad. Dadi asks why, is he not well. Pratima says he was restless, don’t worry.

Dadi calls Rags and asks how many tablets she added in juice, Yuvraaj had to run to doctor. Soumya goes to Rohan and stops getting Sharad’s message that he is getting Yuvraaj, and stop this marriage. Soumya gets glad and sees Rags. Rags goes and tells Dadi that she added small dose. Soumya knocks the door and talks as some cousin of Suhani. She asks him to come after 15mins, there is mahurat. Rohan says fine, I will wait. Soumya locks the door and goes.

She replies Sharad that he has just 15mins and asks him to come soon. Dadi gets to know Yuvraaj did not reach the doctor and calls Sharad to know. Sharad and Yuvraaj get stuck in traffic and its raining heavily. Sharad says I will just go and see. Dadi calls Sharad and he does not see the call. Dadi gets to know Ramesh has made new juice for Yuvraaj, after one glass broke. Dadi thinks why did Yuvraaj go to doctor, when he did not had tablets. She asks Pratima not to lie and say where is Yuvraaj.

Pratima says why are you angry on him today, are you afraid, that Yuvraaj will stop Suhani’s marriage. No one can stop Yuvraaj today, just time should support him. Dadi fumes. Rohan waits in the room that no one came to take him, and finds the door locked. He knocks the door. Soumya waits for Sharad and Yuvraaj. Lata opens the door and tells Pankaj that someone has locked Rohan. Rohan says now I know whats going on, the marriage will happen today.


Rohan smiles seeing Suhani in bridal dress. Yuvraaj comes there with Sharad and Krishna. Everyone get shocked.

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