Swaragini 07 October 2015 Written Update, Written Episode

Swaragini Written Update (WU) 07th October 2015, latest story

Today’s (07.10.2015) Colors serial “Swaragini” starts with Pandit ji informs that Swara and Sanskaar is completed and ask thm to take everyone blessings.

Lakshya asks Ragini, why did she not stop Swara and Sanskaar marriage? Ragini takes him outside. Lakshya asks her why didn’t she stop Swara from marrying Lakshya. Ragini apologizes and says I tried, but Swara didn’t listen to me. Lakshya asks why she didn’t agree? Ragini says whatever she said yesterday was a lie. Lakshya says why she will fall in the river? He says I fell in the river and was rescued by some fishermen.

Ragini tells Swara wants to snatch him from her. She says she must have told you that I am responsible for all the incidents. She tells all the crimes which she did. Lakshya says she said everything, but didn’t take your name. She didn’t tell me anything about drugs and video. He asks why did you assume this? He says Swara would have told me everything, but she told half truth. Ragini says their marriage is done now, and asks not to do any drama. Lakya asks if she is happy with their marriage? Ragini asks him to come inside. Lakshya looks at her with doubt. Ragini asks are you trusting Swara? She says Swara married Sanskar and it is her trick now. Lakshya says after her marriage, she went far from me, and says someone might have forced her to marry. Ragini says she is doing this intentionally and taking advantage of your goodness. Ragini says Swara is innocent, but is very clever. Lakshya says enough and asks her to leave him alone.

Swara and Sanskar take everyones blessings helplessly. Lakshya comes inside and looks at Swara emotionally. He recalls Swara’s words asking him to search for truth. Hamari Adhuri kahani plays………………and their lovely moments are shown. Swara and Laksh look at each other with teary eyes. Laksh looks at her mangalsutra. Pandit ji asks them to do Kuldevi puja. Durga Prasad sees Laksh standing and says it is good that you came. Laksh says I came for some other work. He asks Ragini to give Mehta file. Ragini says I don’t know. Laksh keeps searching for file angrily. He asks her to go. Ragini cries and asks why you are angry on me. Laksh asks her to leave him alone, and says he will go. Durga Prasad asks Laksh, if he is coming to office with him. Laksh says I will come in some time. Parineeta takes Swara with her. Sanskar says I will come. Parineeta takes Swara to room and says Sanskar would be coming soon. Swara takes out her mukut/bengali bridal tiara, and recalls her wedding. She recalls Ragini’s threat asking her to marry Sanskar. She recalls Pandit ji declaring them married. She cries and thinks her marriage has turned real. Sanskar comes and sees her crying.

Swara asks where is Maa and says he want to talk to her. Sanskar says he talked to Shekhar and says Sumi was in Baadi. Swara says Ragini is very clever and thought we will not search her there. Shekhar blames Sumi for accusing Dadi. Dadi says her Ragini is right. Sumi asks do you accept that of your doings. Dadi says no. Shekhar refuses to give daughter’s rights to Swara. Sumi says you said right, I will not let her call you Dad from now on. She says I thought you are having misunderstanding and will understand with time. You are blinded with Ragini’s doings and doesn’t believe your other daughter. She says it is your habit not to accept truth. She says Swara is right today and Ragini is wrong. She says I will not let my daughter ruin her life, and if our relation breaks, then let it break. It doesn’t matter to me. Dadi asks what you will do now as Swara has ruined her life. Sumi says I will do, but can’t stoop like you. Sanskar calls Shekhar and asks him to give call to Sumi. Shekhar tells him that Swara’s mum left his house and he has nothing to do with her. Sanskar is shocked. Shekhar asks him not to call him again. Sanskar says okay and disconnects the call. He informs Swara that Sumi is still unconscious. Swara says if her mum will understand her. Sanskar says yes she will understand as she knows Ragini. Swara says we have been defeated till now.

Sumi slaps Rahini and asks her to tell the truth. She asks her to tell how she had kidnapped her and forced Swara to marry Sanskar. Ragini acts and cries. Laksh comes and hears her. Everyone is shocked.

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