Swaragini 10 December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update WU

Colors TV Swaragini Written Update 10th December 2015

Today’s (10.12.2015) Swaragini serial episode starts with Swara telling Durga Prasad that Lakshya will come back for Annapurna and promises him that she will bring him.

Sanskar comes to meet Lakshya in police station and tells that Annapurna got heart attack. Lakshya regrets his mistake. Sanskar says I hope that I will get my brother back. Swara comes to Dadi and asks her to tell Ragini to take back the Police complaint. Dadi says never. She comes to Ragini and tells her that Annapurna’s condition is critical. She asks her to come and take back the police complaint.

Ragini refuses and says she has given promise to Dadi. Swara tells Dadi that she can’t do this. Dadi says I will do this only and says it is enough of their drama. I won’t let you also go there, and says she got the divorce papers ready. She says she can’t bear rich Maheshwari’s now. Swara says Lakshya went to jail because of us. Dadi says you made the plan to catch him and says let him be in jail for 7-8 years. She recalls promising Durga Prasad.

Sanskar calls Swara and says that Annapurna’s condition has deteriorated again and they have called doctor again. Swara asks him to take care and says she is coming there. She folds her hands and asks Ragini and Dadi to come with her. Dadi checks Annapurna and tells Durga Prasad that Annapurna’s condition is delicate and that’s why he made all the arrangements here at home. He suggests him to call Laksh back and leaves. Ragini and Dadi come and see her condition.

Durga Prasad folds his hands infront of Dadi and asks her to free Ragini of her promise, and asks her to take back the police complaint. Dadi says your justice is good and says you think about your pain and oversees other’s pain. Shekhar says Durga Prasad has always done justice with everyone, and assures him that Ragini will take back the complaint. Dadi stops him and says Ragini will not go anywhere. Swara asks her to think about Annapurna’s life. Dadi says my daughter would have died if you haven’t there, I don’t think I am doing wrong. Durga Prasad says you are not doing wrong, but Annapurna’s life is important for us. Dadi asks what he will pay them to save his wife. Everyone is shocked.

Dadi says there is a price for life also, and says you are a husband, you might not want your wife to get punished for Lakshya’s crime. She says I am Ragini’s Dadi and want to punish your family. She asks to what extent you can go to save Annapurna’s life. She asks him if he can promise to save Lakshya and Ragini’s marriage. She says can you promise that Ragini will get all the rights of a bahu. Can you promise that Lakshya will not harm Ragini. Durga Prasad promises that he will protect Ragini from now. Dadi says do you promise that nobody will insult my daughter? Durga Prasad promises. Dadi asks do you promise that nobody will taunt Ragini. Durga Prasad promises. Dadi asks him to promise that they will not kick Ragini out. Durga Prasad agrees. Dadi asks do you make Ragini, owner of this house? Everyone is shocked. Durga Prasad says Ragini will be the owner of this house. Ragini acts and asks how can you ask this. Dadi asks her to be silent and says no one can interfere between us. Durga Prasad agrees. He gives her promise that……………

Sujata asks Durga Prasad not to give any promise and asks her to take Ragini with her, and take money inexchange of Laksh’s freedom. Dadi says Sujata is trying to send Ragini out and tells her that Durga Prasad is agreeing to her terms. She threatens Sujata that they will send Uttara to jail also. Everyone is shocked. Dadi says if Uttara goes to jail once, then no one will marry her, so it will be better for you to stay silent. Durga Prasad gets helpless and says I promise that Ragini will be the owner of this house. Everyone is shocked. He says no one will hurt her. Dadi says I need a written proof that you will not refuse from your sayings.

Ragini says I will rule on this house and will write Maheshwari family destiny. Later she asks Annapurna to clean her saree. Annapurna cleans her saree and sits down. Swara asks Ragini to stop it. Ragini slaps Lakshya hard shocking him.

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