Swaragini – Swara proves Sanskaar innocent of rape blame, exposes Adarsh’s girlfriend

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In the current track of Colors serial ‘Swaragini’ show that Ragini’s blame on Sanskaar is creating much drama in the show.

The upcoming episode, it will be seen that Swara wants to prove Ragini wrong and stands against her.

Adarsh’s girlfriend has come home too. Ragini’s blame on Sanskaar irks Swara.

Ragini provokes Swara to find out clues. Sweara tells about someone in the kitchen who has run away and she has seen the footprints.

Swara shows the gold chain she found on the floor and tells the possibility, like Ragini cooked the story. Swara gives a demo on Ragini again by dragging her to kitchen and repeats the stepwise story what Ragini stated.

Swara proves her wrong. Swara also exposes Lovely hiding in the big trunk.

Everyone get shocked seeing Adarsh’s GF. Lovely blackmails Adarsh. Lovely has grey shades and Swara has exposed her. Ragini gets tensed after Swara proves her wrong.

Swara will prove that Sanskaar has been wrongly blamed for attempt to molest Ragini.

What happens next? Keep reading this space for latest updates from Swaragini!



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