Tere Sheher Mein 01 October 2015 Written Episode, TSM Written Update

Tere Sheher Mein 01st October 2015 Written Update (WU), TSM Latest Story

Today’s (01.10.2015) Star Plus serial “Tere Sheher Mein” episode starts with Sumitra thinks what to do about control Amaya as she is blackmailing her with Kangana’s secret. She is worried if she will reveal to everyone about the secret and now she has nothing to blackmail Amaya in return.

Bua comes and says that she is not feeling good as she had to save Rachita. Nani also says that she didn’t do good in Rachita’s case as they had nice chance to insult Mathurs. Sumitra tells them to keep quiet and leaves the room.

Kangana sees Amaya drying clothes and tells her that she is happy that Rachita is free from jail and inquires if police has found out about the real thief. Sumitra sees Kangana talking to Amaya and tries to avoid them talking further as she is scared if Amaya tells her Kanagna’s twin sister Kanika’s truth.

Amaya is in her room and is searching for her ear ring under the bed while Rama comes out from bath in towel. Rama sees Amaya’s ear ring on bed and remembers his dance with her in Mahoutsav. He says that at times she is good and at times she is bad. He rehearses to tell her “I am Sorry” while Amaya is listening to him practicing saying sorry to her in front of a mirror. Amaya sees a lizard under the bed and starts yelling, Rama is shocked to see her. Rama quickly hides himself as he is wearing only shorts and t-shirt. Amaya tells him thanks and says that Rachita is out of jail.

Nani thinks of a plan to teach lesson to Amaya by making her grind red chillies manually and purposely cuts mixer wire. She calls Amaya and tells her to do the task. Amaya says that we can get market bought chilli powder and refuses to do the work.

Bua does drama and calls Sumitra, they are shocked to see that Sumitra tells that Amaya is tired and will not work. Instead, Sumitra tells Bua and Nani to do the work. Bua curses Nani for doing wrong with the mixer. Amaya is happy that because of Kanika’s secret, Sumitra is started being good to her.

Rama tells Amaya that she does not have to stay in store room and can sleep in his room. She starts sleeping on the bed. Rama is shocked and tells her what is she doing. She tells him how can he let a girl sleep on the floor. Rama sleeps on the floor instead. Amaya switches off the lights.

Laer, in mid night Amaya gets up with Rama snoring very loudly and scared. She puts on the lights to find Rama snoring. She switches off the lights and goes back to bed but can’t sleep due to Rama’s snoring. She drops a steel glass purposely to wake him up. But its of no use. She goes out of the room.

Next Day, Amaya is coming back from market. Bua and Nani wait at the doorstep and spill oil before the door. Just before Amaya enters the house, she falls down badly slipping in the oil. She cries for help from Bua and Nani and they ignore.

Rama comes home on his bike and sees her crying in pain. Neighbours see Rama carrying Amaya in his arm and praise him for taking care of his mother. Amaya cries that she cannot move her feet. Rama tries to help but she is scared to touch her feet.

Rama tells her that she was looking very god during the Mahoutsav. Amaya’s attention is diverted and he makes her feet fine. Amaya tells her in sweet-bitter way that did he really not mean that she was looking good. He says that she was actually looking good. He asks her why did she get up so early. She tells him that it was his snoring. He refuses to believe. She shows him video recording of his snoring in the night. Rama is embarrassed and leaves giving excuse of some work.

At the breakfast table, Nani and Bua are gossiping that Amaya will be in pain because of her hurt feet but are shocked to see her walking fine as she brings breakfast. They are again shocked to see milk and cornflakes instead of puris and parathas. She says that everyone should have healthy breafast instead of oily food. Kangana is happy and supports Amaya. She tells everyone to try Amaya’s breakfast.

Amaya tells them to try cornflakes with honey and goes to get fruits. Sumitra thinks that she should think of sending Kangana back else she cannot do anything with Amaya.



Amaya is making cake woelheartedly. Sumitra asks her how did she know it is Kangana’s birthday. Amaya says that the cake is for Rachita’s birthday. Sumitra says its of no use as Rachita is not her real sister.


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