Tere Sheher Mein 12 September 2015 Written Update

Star Plus Serial Tere Sheher Mein 12th September 2015 Written Episode (WU)

Today’s (12.09.2015) Tere Sheher Mein episode starts with Pandit doing puja in Choubey Nivaas. He tells Sneha and her family to keep a fast for Gajanand’s recovery. He instructs that they cannot even drink water during this fast.

Pandit tells that the puja will go on for long time and all members can sit one by one. Rudra’s mother Kaushalya makes Rudra sit. Rudra refuses to keep fast and says her that he will go out to eat some snacks. Sneha and everyone sit in the puja. Sneha prays that Gajanand gets fine soon.

Meanwhile, Amaya feels very hungry and looks for some food in kitchen but does not find anything. Sumitra and Bua come after having food and tell Amaya that she did not make food for Rama and Gupta, and they have eaten food. Amaya asks what will I eat now. Sumitra says you were sleeping till late. Amaya argues with Sumitra who scolds her back. Amaya decides to arrange breakfast for herself.

She steps out and finds out that puja going on in Choubey Nivaas and thinks could be puja for poornima. She buys samosa at a small shop. Rudra comes there and tells her about puja and fast being kept by Mathur family for Gajanand’s recovery. Amaya thinks she can’t eat the samosa and decides to keep fast and pray for Gajanand.

Rudra says what will fast do, it will happen whats written in fate, I felt I am dramatic, but you more dramatic than me, you are very selfish, you did right to marry Rama, got haveli by Sneha. He adds that I was angry before, now I understand you did right by fooling everyone, you don’t care for Gajanand, even I was fed up of him, he has made me do all the work, its peaceful now that old man is in hospital now.

Amaya gets angry hearing all of this and slaps Rudra. She calls him shameless, Gajanand did so much for him and Kaushalya, and now Rudra is saying such words. She cries and leaves.

Rudra asks other people to eat food as it is his personal matter. He thinks that Amaya is shameless as she has herself ruined her family’s image and is giving lecture to him. He says that he will make her shed blood tears.

Amaya comes to Choubey Nivaas and prays for Gajanand’s recovery. Amaya comes to her home and says she will not eat. Nani says I think she kept fast for Gajanand’s recovery. Sumitra says she will teach a lesson to Amaya.

Amaya comes to her room and prays to have strength to keep her fast. She says she will sleep for some time. Sumitra comes to her and asks her to clean Kangana’s room.

Amaya says but she is coming tomorrow. Sumitra sends her. Bua says now Amaya will faint by this heavy work in hungry state. They laugh and have sweets. They leave.

Amaya cleans the room nicely and Sumitra too likes the room. Amaya says the room looks good now right. Sumitra says yes, just hold this. Sumitra holds a hot bowl with her saree and gives it to Amaya. Amaya’s hand burns and she drops the vessel. The daal falls on the floor. Sumitra says you spoiled the floor and asks her to clean it well. Amaya goes to bathroom and does not get water in taps.

Amaya goes to get water from handpump. Sumitra sends her out in lane to get water in buckets. Amaya takes water and the bucket falls. Rama comes and she says she will do her work. Rama says you go, I will get the bucket, I don’t want anyone to see your helplessness, I don’t trust you, you can say my mother tortures you.

Sumitra complains to Rama that Amaya is not eating Prasad. Rama insists Amaya to eat Prasad. Amaya is reluctant as she is fasting

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