Tere Sheher Mein 17 September 2015 Written Episode, Written Update

Star Plus serial ‘Tere Sheher Mein’ 17th September 2015 Written Update (WU), TSM latest story

Today’s (17.09.2015) Tere Sheher Mein episode starts with starts with Amaya asking Rama to have food. He says he will have it himself and is unable to eat. She cleans his face and feeds the food. Music plays………. They look at each other. He asks why is she seeing him like this, is she expecting sorry or thanks. He says I would have come myself on the bike, don’t know where keys fell. She says if this accident happened then, what would we do. He says let accident happen, death is good than his life. She says fine, go and die, all of your family will be in pain, you are a coward, you don’t know what family feels when anyone dies, my dad did suicide and our lives got ruined.

He says you feel I m the vamp, did you think if you die, how much will I trouyble your family, you are the son and responsible for your family, understand this. Rama says he is going to sleep. Amaya cries and asks him never to say about dying. She goes out to find the bike keys. Rachita apologizes to Sneha for going to market. Sneha says no, I want you to live life on your terms, I want you to live without any fear, I promise, I will get all happiness for you. Rachita says she won’t marry now. Sneha says just trust me and hugs her.

Sneha gets a call and gets shocked. She says we are coming. She asks Rachita to get ready, they have to go to hospital. Amaya comes out and looks for the keys. She gets the keys and sees Sneha and everyone leaving in the car. She says did anything happen to Nana ji, I have to go hospital too, if I ask for permission, Sumitra will refuse, everyone is sleeping, I will go without asking them.

Kangana stops Amaya and asks where is she going. Amaya says she came to take Rama’s bike keys, and asks Kangana to sleep. Kangana says I have 2-3 hours work on my orders, then I will go. Amaya worries that Kangana will be there outside, how shall I go. She arranges the pillows as if she is sleeping and goes by the window. Amaya comes to the hospital and wishes Nana ji is fine.

The doctor says Gajanand had some improvement, it will need more time for him to recover. Amaya gets glad and thanks Lord. She hears Kangana there, who is asking for an icecream on loan from the vendor. She says she will pay money later and the man refuses. Kangana snatches the icecream and runs. She wears short clothes and has complete different behavior. Amaya gets shocked seeing her.

Amaya comes home and thinks about Kangana’s strange look and behavior, and wonders whats the matter, why was she doing so. She comnes home and knocks the door. Kangana opens the door. Maya sees her in same salwar suit as before and recalls seeing her in black mini dress. Amaya asks you…. Kangana asks who else will be here, did you see any ghost, I should ask you where you went at this time. She says she went to store room and did not see Amaya. Amaya says I had some imp work. Kangana asks why did you go like thief, Sumitra is right, you are clever.

She asks her to say where did she go, and asks her to answer tomorrow. She says I have locked the door. Amaya thinks who was that girl if Kangana is here. Its morning, Rama wakes up and holds his head. He says how did I come home when I was drunk and recalls Amaya. He says he left bike there and calls Mantu, asking him to get his bike by duplicate keys. He thanks Mantu and ends call. He says Amaya called me coward again, I will show her I can do anything if I m determined.


Amaya tells Sumitra that she saw a girl out late night wearing short dress and behaving weirdly and it is none other than Kangana. Sumitra is shocked to hear this

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