Tere Sheher Mein 19 September 2015 Written Episode, Update

Tere Sheher Mein 19th September 2015 Written Update (WU), TSM Latest Story

Today’s (19.09.2015) Star Plus serial ‘Tere Sheher Mien’ episode starts with Sumitra saying she will become the president/head of the commitee. She says Sneha and Pushpa has no time, they are busy to take care of Gajanand, so its decided. Sumitra says she will do her best. The man says we will keep Sneha as supervisor. Sumitra asks them to send the pamphlets to her home and goes. Mantu helps Kangana in her work. Rama comes and asks Mantu how did he get hurt. Mantu says nothing. Rama thanks him for bringing bike and hugs him. Kangana says Mantu is helping me. Rama says yes, help her, else she will go back.

Sumitra comes and says she wants to give some news, it will be fun if Amaya is here. Amaya comes there. Sumitra says she is becoming the president of the committee instead Gajanand, and my helping hand will be Sneha. Sumitra asks Kangana to dance in the function. Kangana says fine and looks tensed. Kangana says I will get the CD and practice tonight. She says Mantu, we will work later. Mantu and Rama leave. Sumitra passes taunts to Amaya. She says you will also dance in Mahotsav, you have to perform classical dance. Amaya says I don’t know classical. Sumitra says I know, that’s why I said, I want Banaras to laugh on you and clap for Kangana.

Bua is happy that Sumitra has become the head. Kangana comes home. Sumitra asks Shamu to serve food. Sumitra says these posters will be everywhere in Banaras. They all go to have dinner. Kangana sees the posters. Amaya sees her and says Kangana again in different getup. Kangana sees Sumitra’s name and crushes the poster. Rama comes to Amaya and says he wanted to say her idea has worked, he has prepared for his exam. Amaya smiles. Rama asks why is she getting happy, I will return this favor. He goes. She says Kangana and goes to see.. Shamu takes the posters.

Amaya asks him about the girl here. He says there is no one. Amaya goes out to see. Amaya says is it Kangana herself, I have to see in her room. She rushes to see. Amaya does not see Kangana in her room and thinks where can she go.

She sees someone outside the home in darkness. Rama wakes up. Amaya asks who is it taking water pipe there. Rama asks Amaya to switch off lights, as he has to play. Kangana puts the water on the posters. Sumitra asks the man to make everyone know that she is the head. Gupta asks what will she do. Sumitra asks the man to take posters, its kept outside.

Sumitra goes out and sees the posters spoiled. She gets angry and shouts. Sneha and everyone come out to see. Sumitra scolds Sneha for watering on the posters, and says this pipe is from your house. Sneha says we did not do this. Sumitra sits crying and blames Sneha. Sneha scolds her. Sumitra says she will call police and then she will see how Sneha saves Gajanand’s respect. Sneha says shut up, we did not do anything. Amaya thinks who has done this. Sneha and Sumitra argue. Sneha says everyone knows who has greed to become the head. Bua says Sneha is lying and argues. Sneha says you think anything, I don’t care. Sumitra argues and gets angry. She says I will say whats your character. Amaya gets tensed and interrupts.


Amaya cries and tells Sumitra that she has seen that girl, it was Kangana, she was staring weirdly at the posters. Sumitra gets shocked.


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