Tere Sheher Mein latest: Mantu to develop feelings for Amaya

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Sneha (Guatami Gadgil), Amaya (Hina Nawaz) and other siblings are learning to find ways through the troubles faced by them while settling down in Banaras.

In the current track it is seen that with help of Mantu (Dhruv Bhandari), Amaya (Hina Nawaz) manages to get induction gas and gets Tehrvi Bhog cooked for 51 Pandits.

Rudra gets furious to see that all the Pandit’s left Mathur Family house happily and makes excuses in front of Sneha (Gautami Gadgil) to get the gas cylinder really late.

Rajat will continue to bring troubles for Mathur Family while being sweet faced in front of them.

In the upcoming episode it will be seen that Sneha’s family will come to know that Sneha and her daughters are now staying in Banaras and Sneha’s father will warn his other family members to maintain distance from Sneha and her daughters.

However, Sneha’s mother will be seen getting in touch with Sneha and help her in time of need.

Meanwhile Rajat finds out that Mantu and Rama had helped Amaya with Tehrvi Pooja and will try to trouble them too.

At the same time, upon learning about Amaya’s father Rishi’s death, Mantu’s attitude towards Aamaya will change and he will have a soft corner for her.




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