These Weird Habits of Celebrities Will SHOCK You

Celebrities lead a larger than life role even in their daily lives. Press conferences, photo shoots and interviews set this larger than life image of theirs in our heads, and when this happens we forget that they are regular human beings just like us.

Okay. Not really. Here are 15 of the weirdest celebrity habits that’ll make you go WTF: 

1. Megan Fox doesn’t flush the toilet after she is done with her business

In fact, she herself has admitted to this. Her friends often complain of this disturbing and disgusting habit of the Hollywood star. Damn, that’s gross, even if it’s Megan Fox!


2. Demi Moore lets leeches suck her blood 

Demi Moore swears by this habit of hers in an attempt to look youthful! But wait… letting leeches feast on you is preposterous and torturous!

3. Jeetendra eats papaya when he poops

Jeetendra apparently cannot poop without eating a papaya. That’s all cool, because a lot of us cannot go poop without smoking first or something like that.

4. Shah Rukh Khan takes his shoes off only once during the day

King Khan is so obsessed with footwear that he has admitted to taking his shoes off only before bed-time; sometimes, he even sleeps with his shoes on!


6. Christina Augilera doesn’t wash her hands after she takes a dump

A bathroom attendant saw her come out of the toilet and skip the whole process where people wash their hands properly, because they pooped.


7. Sushmita Sen bathes in open

Sushmita Sen doesn’t take a bath in bathrooms. She loves to take a bath on the terrace of her house, where she has installed a bathtub. Apparently she loves to watch the moon and stars while she bathes.


8. Brad Pitt doesn’t use soap

Contrary to his soap-selling character in Fight Club, the Hollywood A-lister detests soaps.

His stink has been so unbearable that his co-star Eli Roth on the sets of Inglorious Basterds taught him how to keep himself clean with baby wipes.His excuse is that he doesn’t get enough time to take a shower for up to two weeks at a time.


9. Kesha used to drink her own urine 

Kesha wanted to get into ‘prime’ shape. She even drank pee on a television show but was slammed for that. She stopped doing that after she realized that drinking pee doesn’t get anyone into kick-ass shape.


10. Sandra Bullock put hemorrhoid cream to remove puffiness from under the eyes. 

11. Pamela Anderson never looks in mirror as she is scared of her reflection

The Baywatch bombshell has a phobia of not just mirrors but also of reflective surfaces.  We wonder how she maintains herself without mirror-validation!

12. Jennifer Aniston enters planes with her right foot and touches the dies of planes as she boards 

This habit arises out of her superstitious belief that doing it will bring more luck. But does it?

13. Amitabh Bachchan

Amitabh Bachchan has often been spotted wearing two wristwatches. This started when his son Abhishek was studying abroad and Big B wanted to keep track of the other time-zone. It soon became a style statement.

14. Tom Cruise applies nightingale droppings on his face

Thomas Mapother IV (yes, that’s his real name) uses nightingale poo as part of his facial concoction. He totally swears on ‘natural botox’ to keep his skin from ageing.

15. Cameron Diaz Opens Doors With Elbows

This Sex Tape star has a cleanliness OCD which prompts her to open doors with her elbows so as to avoid touching germ-laden door knobs!



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