Tu Aashiqui 05 October 2017 Written Episode, Tu Ashiqui Written Update

Colors TV Tu Aashiqui 05th October 2017 Written Update, Tu Ashiqui 05 October 2017 Written Episode Update

Today’s (05.10.2017) Tu Aashiqui episode starts with JD’s goon destroy Ahaan’s live concert set…everything gets mess while goons attack the crowd….

In between Pankti is scared and she searches her pbag, Ahaan calls out Pankti Pankti….suddenly Pankti falls down but Ahaan saves Pankti and grans her in his arms.

Pankti tell him about her bag Ahaan stops her saying he will bring it…Pankti’s bag is stuck while Ahaan tries to take it out, Board is about to fall on Ahaan.

JD tells everyone that Ahaan didn’t take permission for his concert that’s why Police attaked and everything got ruined.

JD calls Ahaan…Ahaan stands he gets injured he wakes Pankti.

Pankti is unconcious she injureds her head…Ahaan stands Pankti and suddenly she faints in his arms…

Ahaan takes Pankti in lap and reaches to hotel…Ahaan calls Uday and tells him about Pankti’s condition Uday consoles him and asks Ahaan to take care of her.

Ahaan is holding Pankti’s hand Doctor checks Pankti and gives medicine…as Ahaan stands to pay Doctor, Pankti stops Ahan and she tightly holds his hand.

Uday calls JD and JD tells Uday that everything will be fine he has confirmed from Police…JD asks Uday about Ahaan he tells that he is in hotel with Doctor.

Ahaan sees injury mark on his chest in mirror and recalls how Pankti saved him major accident…

JD calls Pankti but Ahaan sees her phone as he is about to pick phone JD cuts phone he gets irritated and says why Anita and Pankti are not picking his phone.

Pankti wakes up and questions why he is here with her…she gets scared and asks Ahaan to go from here.

Ahaan tells Pankti that her family is calling her Pankti gets very sacred she pleads Ahaan to go from her room suddenly Anita comes she gets shocked seeing unbutton Ahaan…while Ahaan feels suspicious if Anita could misunderstand him.

Anita questions Ahaan if something happened between them Ahaan says no before Ahaan could say something, Anita stops Ahaan and asks him to go from here.

JD calls Pankti, Anita asks Pankti if she forgot how much this call is important for her…Pankti is scared  Ahaan sees Pankti…and goes.

JD calls again…Anita tells him that she came Mahabaleshwar to take his most precious thing Pankti…he praises Anita.     

Pankti’s return from Mahabaleshwar

Anita asks Pankti how she got injured Pankti says it’s small wound, Anita says its good that it should not mark scar otherwise if beauty will get less then she will get less money from JD…Pankti stands upset hearing Anita’s word.

Ahaan tells Uday that he didn’t knew whose call was it that her mother said it’s very important call suddenly hotel service man comes and gives a packet to Ahaan he tells that Pankti have left room.

He walks to give Pankti’s dupatta back to her…


Anita drives very fast suddenly they meet accident…

Tu Aashiqui latest news – Pankti and Ahaan to get separated again

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