Udaan serial update – Suraj does a good drama to trap Ranvijay

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Here’s what is in store for the viewers of Udaan in the upcoming episodes of the show.

It would be seen that Chakor is angry on Suraj. She tells him that she is much upset that he pointed gun at her. Suraj explains her how he was helpless to fool Imli. Chakor makes halwa for him. They celebrate his birthday. Suraj makes Chakor leave before Imli and Ranvijay catch them red-handed. Ranvijay checks the room and doesn’t get any clue.

Imli keeps the sword at Ranvijay’s neck. She threatens to kill him. She falls in Suraj’s drama. Suraj does a good drama to trap Ranvijay. He tells Imli that Ranvijay wants to make her lose in elections, that’s why he is doing everything to hurt Chakor. She tells Ranvijay that Suraj proved his loyalty. Suraj asks Imli to kill him and end Ranvijay’s doubt. He says Ranvijay always doubts on me and creates troubles. Imli says Suraj didn’t know the gun has no bullets, even then he shot at Chakor. She believes Suraj is really in their side. She proves to Ranvijay that Suraj didn’t regain his memory. Suraj makes Ranvijay mad in anger. He wants to teach them a lesson and take revenge.

Kumud runs away to save her life. Ranvijay threatens Kumud’s parents. He wants to know where is Kumud. Imli also threatens to kill them. She insults Kumud. Chakor becomes the only hope for villagers. She asks Imli to await the time when her black deeds get known. Chakor and Imli have an argument once again. Chakor has challenged Imli. She asks Imli and Ranvijay to get ready to go to their in-laws/police. Chakor tells villagers that they have to find Kumud first, else Imli will kill Kumud. Chakor and villagers try to find Kumud.

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