Warrior High Spoiler: Sid to save Siyali during Earthquake incident

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Post the fiery arguments and taunts in MTV Warrior High, the love is in the air for Parth (Laksh Lalwani), Vibha (Anupriya Kapoor), Sid (Ashwini Koul), Siyali (Sanaya Pithawala).

It is seen that Sid keeps thinking about Siyali while Siyali too is getting pulled towards Sid.

Parth helps Vibha and her Dadi in Vibha’s sickness while Parth and Vibha too has developed feelings for Parth.

Charlie is also getting attracted towards Niti (Juhi Aslam) and Niti is slowly accepting Charlie’s friendship.

Soon, in the upcoming episode it will be seen that an earthquake takes place around Warrior High school area.

Sid will be seen offering help to Siyali and she will accept it. Vibha cannot move from her bed but Parth will come to her rescue.

Charlie will be seen getting Niti out of danger while Utkarsh will stay in the school building determined to look for Siyali.

Ayaz will look out for Utkarsh to come out.

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