Warrior High Spoilers: Parth gets possessive about Vibha, Ayaz molests Utkarsh

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MTV’s Warrior High will soon gear up for interesting twists and turns in its upcoming episodes with changing relationships.

Currently it is seen that Ayaz has turned gay and tries to get closer to Utkarsh, who considers Ayaz as his friend.

However, Utkarsh has now doubts about Ayaz’s intentions.

In the upcoming episode it will be seen that Ayaz tells Utakarsh to join him outside in the middle of the night as he is not feeling right alone. Utkarsh comes out with Ayaz.

Later, Ayaz tries to touch Utkarsh’s hips and angry Utkarsh slaps Ayaz for misbehaving with him.

Ayaz will be upset with Utkarsh and think of teaching him a lesson for slapping him.

He will try to molest Utkasrh by tying his hands and mouth.

Will Utkasrh save himself from Ayaz’s evil intentions?

Meanwhile, Parth (Laksh Lalwani) tells Vibha (Anupriya Kapoor) that since she is very close to him, he is worried about her.

Parth will dream about Vibha and will be seen turning possessive about her, which will leave Vibha surprised.

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