Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 02 January 2019 Written Update YHM

Star Plus Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 02nd January 2019 Written Episode, YHM Written Update

Today’s (02.01.2019) Yeh Hai Mohabbatein episode starts with Parmeet gets doubtful. Ishita tries hard to get free but fails while Raman tries hard to find her.

Raman finds out information about Parmeet and gets to know that Parmeet is shifted to the hospital for medical reasons. Simmi finds out that Parmeet is out of jail and is cheating them. Raman finds out from the inspector that Parmeet is admitted to Sudha’s hospital. Raman is confident that Sudha is behind the kidnapping. Rohan confronts Sudha for kidnapping Ishita but she refuses to be involved in it.

Rohan informs Sudha that Raman has taken the police to interrogate Parmeet. He asks her to tell the truth if she is involved in Ishita’s kidnapping. Sudha lies to Rohan and tells him not to fall in Raman’s words. Raman wants to kill Parmeet. Simmi tells Raman not to fall in danger.

Raman reaches Sudha’s hospital to meet Parmeet. He warns Sudha not to guard Parmeet. Sudha tells Raman that she is not afraid of him and denies the kidnapping blames.

Sudha prepares to fool the police and tells the inspector that Parmeet has undergone a surgery. Raman tells inspector that Sudha can make any fake reports and trick them. Sudha shows fake proofs to fool the police and tells Raman to leave from the hospital. Raman tells inspector that Sudha is lying to protect Parmeet. Sudha is thankful to Rohan for informing her about Raman’s plan on time. Raman is sure that that Sudha and Parmeet have joined hands together. He tells inspector that Sudha is very smart but the inspector doesn’t believe Raman. Simmi tells Raman that Parmeet cannot be suffering from any brain tumor. He tells her not to worry for Parmeet. Raman tries to recall if he can know about Ishita. Inspector tells them that someone has taken the kidnapper away hidingly. Ishita acts critical to get a medical help. She tries to inform Raman about her captive state. Raman takes police’s help to find her. Ishita tires to make her message reach Raman by some way. She tries to hide the help message for Raman via the doctor. Doctor treats Ishita. Goons force him not to inform anyone about Ishita. Ishita tries to get his help. Parmeet confesses that he has kidnapped Ishita. Raman gets furious.

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