Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 03 February 2018 Written Episode, YHM Written Update

Star Plus serial Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 03rd February 2018 Written Update, YHM Written Episode

Today’s (03.02.2018) Yeh Hai Mohabbatein episode starts with the blackmailer is shot by aaliya, Ishita runs towrads the house after hearing gun shot. She is shocked to see the blackmailer is dead and Aliya has gun in her hand and she is in shocked state. Ishita asks her what happened, her gun drops from her hands and she falls unconscious.

Ishita sprinkles water on her, Aaliya gains consciousness, Aaliya cries i have killed him, i have killed him, she say i had come here to talk to him about money, she touched me, i fought with him, he showed me gun , i don’t know what happened, sishita says its okay, you shot in self defense, he wanted to kill you. Aaliya says i have killed someone, she says what will adi and Appaa think, Ishita checks the man and says he is alive, she says let me call poilce, ishita says if he dies, we have to save him, Ishita explains that we will tell poilce that this man tried to kill you. Ishita calls poilce and ambulance, Aaliya says lets leave, i cannot stay here.

Bala tells mrs Iyer and his family how he stopped the girl from marrying Raman. Mrs. Iyer curses Raman for re-marrying and says we should do like this only, bala says i have already done setting with security guard, watchman calls and says another girl is coming in a green saree. Mrs. Iyer says i will go and handle her. She asks the girl if she is going to meet Bhallas for marriage, the girl asks about Bhallas, Mrs Iyer says yes i know them well, she informs about raman having kids, the girl seems to be okay with it, she says raman only listens to his mother and sister, you should marry him, she says tell raman that after marriage, they will keep his child in boarding, girl agrees.

Ishita gets Aaliya to Mani’s house, Mani asks what happened, aaliya goes to room and says what if anything happened to the man, ishita says i have to go and check the man, please calm down.

Bhallas are upset when the woman talks about sending Pihu to boarding school, Raman gets upset and tells her to get out of the house. She leaves in anger, Mrs. Bhalla curses Simmi for getting stupid proposals. later, raman yells at Simmi that how can he bring proposals for women who have no concern for his kid. Simmi says this time we will get a girl for you who will be so nice that she will forget her real mother.

Raman says tell me who is real mother, he says how can i forget, simmi says i cannot remember that woman, she had betrayed you and left you, i cannot take her name, she was mean and selfish, she had abandoned your pihu, we had requested you so much. Raman says i still have to see a pic, simmi says you will go back to depression, he says there will be still one pic, how can i forget who is Pihu’s mother, Simmi says i swear i am not lying, i will find a new mother for Pihu, all will be good soon.

Mihika comes and tells Simmi and Raman that Iyers had brainwashed the girl who had come for marriage proposal. The girl still denies marrying raman, mihika asks why, she says Raman has anger issues, who will marry such a man. Mihika, Mrs. Bhalla and Simmi get upset with Iyers. Mihika says we will find better girls, raman says i don’t to marry, i can’t risk if the girl will not love Pihu, Mihika tells him to hav  some patience and assures him.

Mrs. Bhalla praises Mihika for making Raman understand.

Ishita goes to police station to find out about the man who got shot, the cop informs her that there was no sign of blood or dead body at that place, ishita is shocked. He shouts at her for wasting police’s time, she wonders where is the body gone.

Simmi thanks Mihika for handling Raman as he had denied for his re-marriage. Mihika says i should thank you for making Raman agree for marriage, Mihika says i should also move forward in life, i will register on that online website, i will also request to have a family like Bhallas, Simmi thinks of Mhika and raman’s marriage, she goes to Mrs, Bhalla and asks if she likes Mihika, mrs. bhalla says yes, simmi says good, let me come back to you, wait.

Ishita checks with the ambulance, the ambulance guys says there was nobody there, they cam back empty, ishita is shocked again.

Yeh Hai Mohababtein 05 February 2018 Precap:

Param shows Ishita divorce papers, he asks her to sign, Aaliya stops her, she says these people are taking advantage of your goodness, he shows Aaliya’s video of killing the guy, aaliya is shocked, ishita is helpless and has to sign papers.

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