Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 05 December 2018 Written Episode YHM Written Update

Star Plus Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 05th December 2018 Written Update YHM Written Episode

Today’s (05.12.2018) Yeh Hai Mohabbatein episode starts with Sudha doesn’t want Ishita to find out any information that can help Raman.

She tells Ishita to let the lawyers solve the legal matters. She wants to handle the matter her way. Ishita knows that Sudha won’t help Raman. She gets worried seeing Raman getting insulted and blamed by the investors. Raman gets angry. He tells them that he didn’t cheat anyone in his life. Sudha asks them to maintain peace and not hype the matter, that would make matters worse. Ruhi and Aaliya find Karan and Rohan being so positive that their mum will free them Ruhi gives them some snacks to have. They find out that its dogs biscuits and get angered on their wives. 

They don’t want to accept them. Ruhi tells them that they aren’t doing anything worse in front of the big crimes done by their mum. She doesn’t want to pity them. She wants them to repent for their mistakes. She feels a guy shouldn’t get a right to ruin a girl’s life. Aaliya totally agrees with her. Raman tells the family about Sudha’s new trouble. Rohan and Karan get positive that they will be free of Bhallas soon. Mihika tells them that she won’t let them succeed. She gives them with more work. 

She informs Raman that she stopped Sudha from talking to her sons. Sudha comes home to meet her sons. She doesn’t get scared of Bhallas. She brings a notice for Raman. She plays a new blame game with Raman and Ishita. Raman gets trapped. He asks Sudha to prove his crime first. Sudha doesn’t deter and bans him from his own office. She keeps her conditions and asks Bhallas to free her sons if they want to save Raman from big defamation. Raman prepares to tackle Sudha. He gives her some lessons and upsets her more. He asks Sudha to go ahead with any plans. He doesn’t want Sudha to win.

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