Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 07 January 2019 Written Update YHM Written Episode

Star Plus Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 07th January 2019 Written Episode, YHM Written Update

Today’s (07.01.2019) Yeh Hai Mohabbatein episode starts with Raman makes makes a request to the public to help him find Ishita. He declares a cash reward of 10 crores. The goons also get to see the news. They plan to kill Ishita as they don’t want to risk anything. Ishita also finds out about Raman’s plan to find her and give away reward. She is sure that Raman will find her somehow. The goons get ready for money and think to let go Ishita and take the money from Raman to have a good life.

Sudha and Parmeet get the same news and think what is Raman up to. Raman tells the family that nothing will happen to Ishita. Parmeet call his goon. They ry to strike a deal with him to get a bigger amount. Parmeet warns them against double crossing him for money. He tells them that once they try to free Ishita, he will inform the police about them and get them arrested. Raman takes help from police to find Ishita.

Mrs. Iyer gets tensed for her husband’s ill health and wants to know about Ishita. Bhallas wait the kidnapper’s call. They get some demeaning calls from people. Raman loses his control on the people’s comments. Inspector tells him to just relax and let them do their work. Raman misses Ishita and cries for her.

Sudha meets Bhallas to find out about the situation at home. Raman doesn’t want Sudha to take advantage of them. She lies to him that she has come to meet her sons. Rohan wants to know if Sudha is really involved in the kidnapping. He tells Sudha to tells her the truth to him. Sudha manipulates him against Bhallas. She tells him to take Simmi’s help and get Aaliya’s sign on the divorce papers. Karan wants Ruhi to sign the papers soon so that they get free from Bhallas. Rohan doesn’t want to ruin Bhallas on Sudha’s orders and connects with Simmi genuinely.

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