Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 17 January 2019 Episode Written Update YHM

Star Plus Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 17th January 2019 Written Episode YHM Written Update

Today’s (17.01.2019) Yeh Hai Mohabbatein episode starts with Raman stells hares his plans wto ith Ruhi and Aaliya. He tells them that he doesn’t want Karan and Rohan to know any information about their plans. He wants to go and meet the caller (Yug) to bring back Ishita.

Yug and Ranbir get troubled by Ishita when she comes up with a funny drama and keeps her demands. She gets into friendly terms with her kidnappers. Yug tries to control her by threatening her. She feels like Adi is revived for her on seeing Yug. Yug feeds her food since her hands are tied up. She gets emotional with his presence. Yug asks her not to make any noise and stay calm. He finds her weird that she is staring at him. He asks Ranbir to be cautious. He wants to go and contact Raman again. He hides the matter from Ranbir. He goes to meet Raman and collect money from him. Raman gets his daughters alone when he goes to meet Yug. Yug doesn’t want Raman to act smart.

Yug talks to Raman and asks for money. Raman asks him not to harm Ishita. Yug arranges a meet up with him. Ishita finds out Yug’s plan that he has gone to meet Raman. She pretends to be dizzy in order to know more of their plans. Ranbir gets tea for her. She gets thanks him for being so nice to her. She understand that the kidnappers belong to good families and they are not professional kidnappers. She asks them who asked them to kidnap her. She finds out about their jobs and families. Ranbir tells her that he is doing this on his friend’s saying. She wants to know about Yug further.

Rohan calls up Ranbir and tells him that Ishita should be fine, there is still time to bring her home. Ranbir doesn’t want to fall in any big mess. Rohan tells him that Ishita is like his mother and he wants her safety first.

Rohan goes to meet Yug at the cafe. Yug gets happy to get the money from Raman. Before Yug can collect the bag, he finds Bala meeting Raman. Bala asks Raman if he has found Ishita. Shagun finds out about Ishita’s kidnapping by watching Raman’s appeal on the tv. She meets Bhallas to goes to Bhalla house and makes a stormy entry to find out about Ishita. She demands Karan and Rohan to tell her about Ishita. Rohan tells Shagun that Ishita would be fine. She slaps Rohan. She is angry as they have already ruined the lives of her daughters. Rohan gets bashed up but remians silent. Shagun warns Karan and Rohan. Rohan feels he should keep it a secret to protect Ishita. Shagun warns Rohan. She gets a clue about Ishita and rushes to find her.

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