Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 17 September 2018 Episode Written Update

Star Plus Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 17th September 2018 Episode Written, YHM Written Update

Today’s (17.09.2018) Yeh Hai Mohabbatein episode starts with Rajat feels guilty over Raman and Ishita’s suffering. He doesn’t want to kill more people by performing wrong surgeries. He tells his assistant that he isn’t fit to perform surgery, he has done a mistake during Raman’s surgery and he is responsible for ruining Raman’s life. He feels miserable and doesn’t want to repeat his mistakes. Raman and Ishita file a legal case on Rajat and send the court notice to him. The assistant informs Sudha about the legal notice. He asks her to come soon and manage the matter. Raman tells Ishita that Rajat has wronged his entire life. He thanks her for being his support. He tells her that he can fight with the world when she is with him. They reach the hospital and wait to meet Rajat. The fire spreads out by faulty wires. The people create a havoc.

Raman and Ishita get suffering further, since they get trapped. Sudha watches them in trouble and enjoys the sight. Raman asks Ishita to get away. Ishita gets saved from the fire, but doesn’t want to leave him alone. She tries to get help from Raman, who isn’t able to move on his own.

Ishita jumps back in the fire to save Raman. She fears for his life. Sudha reaches to their rescue and acts like a positive figure. Sudha blows off the fire. She makes them feel indebted to her for saving their lives. Ishita gets grateful to her for saving them. Sudha tells them that it was her duty to help them. Ishita finds her a nice lady. Sudha gets revengeful against them. Ruhi and Aaliya worry that Raman and Ishita visited the hospital alone. They rush to hospital to meet them. Raman tells Ishita that they should meet Sudha once. She tells him that Rajat didn’t meet them once, they should go home.

Sudha scolds the staff for making excuses and covering up the accidents. She asks them not to ruin her hospital by their irresponsible behavior. She can’t tolerate any defamation. She asks the staff to know their duties else give their resignation. Sudha learns about Rajat’s guilty behavior. She tells the staff that she has seen Raman’s helpless state. She doesn’t pity them. She wants to convince Raman and Ishita for dropping the case against Rajat. Raman and Ishita meet Sudha and realize that she is the owner of the hospital, who wants to settle the case. Sudha gets lying to Raman and Ishita.


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