Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 22 August 2017 Written Episode, YHM Written Update

Star Plus serial Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 22nd August 2017 Written Update, YHM 22 August 2017

Today’s (228.08.2017) Yeh Hai Mohabbatein episode starts with Ishita comes to her senses. She asks Taneja where is Raman and Bala, he makes an excuse. She says this not the way to hospital, he says this is shortcut. She sees the T label on the back of his shirt and remembers he and adi seeing the video of the killer wearing the Shirt with T label on it.

Ishita asks Taneja why did he kill Mani. He gets shocked and stops the car. raman sees a bike on road and both Bala and Raman chase.

Ruhi is in police station and tells the cop to find taneja and Ishi Ma. She calls Aaliya and informs that Taneja has taken Ishita and he has killed Mani. Aaliya is shocked to know that Taneja is the murderer. Ruhi says Taneja has kidnapped Ishita and her life is in danger.

Taneja says what crap are you saying why will i kill Mani. Ishita says i have understood now, you wanted to trap Raman in Mani’s murder charges. You tried to bribe the watchman, gets the proofs, and even tried to kill me when i declared in media that i know of the murderer. He says now you are pretending to help me so you can catch me alone.

Taneja says you have figured out anyone, he says yes, i have killed Mani, Mani had found out that i am exploiting Adi, and supplying drugs through Adi’s company. I had to kill Mani. Then i had to kill you, but the stupid shooter didn’t do his work properly. Now, i have to kill you. Ishita see a spray in the car seat and sprays on him. She get out of the casr and runs away from taneja.

Ishita’s mother is praying to God to to save her daughter. Mrs Bhalla also come there and pryas. She says nothing will happen to Ishita.

ishita runs towards a construction site. Taneja come behind her and tries to locate her. He says today, i will finish you Ishita. Ishita is running upwards in the isolated building. Taneja follows her. She is hiding while he looks for her.  He calls her name out and says today, no one can save you. She hits him with a wooden stick and runs.  She is stuck at a windows end, but manages to find another way through a window. mani and Bala are on a bike. Ishita is running away from Taneja. Ishita is tired, he is behind her and says, you can’t escape and says you will be dead son. Ishita says you cannot be saved as all the proofs have gone to police. he says the new proof will never go to police, He takes her phone and tells you are smart, you took all the recording on phone. he throws and destroys it.

Bala talks to the police and they inform about ishiata’s phone’s last location in a construction site. Bala says we will soon reach. Taneja says ishita that after i will kill you, i will leave this country. Ishita says you will do one more mistake by killing me, don’t do this. Taneja says, you know the killer and now you have found all the truth about me. Bala and Raman reach construction site and wonder how to find her. Raman finds Ishiat’s jwellery and keeps looking for her. Ishita says Taneja, please leave me as Taneja drags her. Raman notices her dupatta in the air. He goes upstairs to follow her.

Taneja is about to kill ishita. raman and Bala reach there and tell him to stop. Taneja slips and is hanging on a floor. Raman and bala go to ishita. ishita says to save Taneja. Raman saves Taneja. Raman asks ishita is she is OK.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 22 August 2017 Precap:

Ishita is in hospital, Raman takes care of her and makes her drink water. He says you got shot and i was almost dead.


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